P.S. I Love You

Lexi was always bullied and had no friends, that is until new boy Niall Horan moves in down the street. He becomes her best friend but she wants to be more. What will happen? Will they ever be more than friends?


21. Simon

Zayn's POV

 December 2nd

We started up the After school group this year to. Simon Cowell just walked through the door, oh my gosh I love that guy. "Hello, I'm Simon and I've heard you guys sing your really good. I want to sign you for a  record deal." He told us. Lexi spoke up "Oh my gosh guys, yes! They would love that." She told Simon. "Great I'll have my limo pick you up tomorrow." He said and walked out. "This is so exciting! Your going to be famous and tour the world and have hit albums and stuff! You need a band name!" Lexi yelled. "Introducing One Direction on the late late show." Niall laughed in a silly anouncer voice. "Yes. One Direction." Harry said. And that began it all.

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