P.S. I Love You

Lexi was always bullied and had no friends, that is until new boy Niall Horan moves in down the street. He becomes her best friend but she wants to be more. What will happen? Will they ever be more than friends?


23. Nexi

Lexi's POV

After Niall slapped Paul, Paul said "Niall, your better off without her. She just a nobody." Niall said back "I don't care I love her." "No, Niall. Paul's right I'm a nobody. You are better off without me." I took off my locket with the picture of Niall and I at the pool and handed it to him. I started running to the door when I heard Niall yell "Screw You!!" Then five pairs of feet came running after me. I was bawling my eyes out. "Lexi!!" Niall yelled. "Lex! Wait!" Lou yelled. I was just out the door when I felt arms around me, Niall turned me around and kissed me. I kissed him back, regretting all my thoughts that he forgot me, the first time I cut. I fell in love with him all over again. But not in love with Niall Horan of One Direction, I fell in love with my Nialler, the one who stood up for me after only knowing me for a day, the one who asked me out on valentines day to be sweet, the one who stayed with me even after meeting my dad in Paris and almost getting killed, but most of all the one who loved me when no one else did and who stole my heart. He pulled back and reached his hand in his pocket. He got down on one knee pulled out a ring and asked "Alexis Marie Carter, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" I smiled and nodded "Yes, Niall, I will." He slipped the ring on my finger and kissed me again. I melted into him and then felt Paul pull me off again. I couldn't take this. I yelled at Paul's face "What the hell is wrong with you?! Aren't you supposed to be helping the boys and making them happy?!" I ran back over to Niall and he hugged me. Paul looked taken aback but he got angry. "You little bi-" Niall cut him off by saying "Don't talk to my fiance like that or I quit!" Paul stopped talking. He opened his mouth to say something but then realized it was true what Niall said. "Fine, but she better not hold you back from your career." Paul said and walked away. Just then did we realize there were fans and reporters everywhere that saw the whole thing from Niall proposing to Paul storming off. We were hit with questions "Who is she?" "When did you meet?" "Will you really quit?" I silenced them all by saying "I'm his fiance and we met two and a half years ago and I know for a fact if Paul starts treating me like that again he will quit." Niall kissed me and the fans started screaming "Nexi! Nexi! Nexi!" I just smiled against Niall's mouth when I realized I don't care that he's famous or that I'll get death threats, I love him for him and he loves me for me.

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