P.S. I Love You

Lexi was always bullied and had no friends, that is until new boy Niall Horan moves in down the street. He becomes her best friend but she wants to be more. What will happen? Will they ever be more than friends?


2. New Kid

Niall's POV

We're moving. Again. This is the third time this year, and we're going to America. Washington to be exact. A wet, rainy state. I don't want to move but we are. I just hope I make friends, I get bullied here and I'm moving in Febuary 7th, a week before valentines day. I'll be left out at home while eveyones out having a good time, probably at a dance. We're on the plane now. We'll be there in like an hour.

Lexi's POV

When I finaly left the school I saw a moving truck across the street. Maybe theres someone my age. I went over to meet them and see if I can help them move in. There was a really nice woman named Maura. "I'm Lexi I live across the street." I told her. "I'm Maura." She smiled "I was wondering if you needed any help moving in." "Sure." I helped Maura carry a box in, it had glass plates. When I walked into the kitchen I bumped into a cute boy. He had blond hair and ocean blue eyes, he was wearing a red polo shirt and kakis. "Sorry. I'm Lexi.I live across the street." I said, blushing. "Niall Horan, just moved from Mullingar Ireland." He said in the cutest accent I have ever heard. Maura walked in, "Lexi, this is my son, Niall." She said smiling "We just met, mum." Niall said. My phone started to ring You're way too beautiful girl. That's why it'll never work, You'll have me- "Hey mom." I answered "Hey I need you to come home now." "Kay, I be there in a second." I hung up and told Maura and Niall that I needed to go home. We said good bye and I left, I realised it was six at night and I needed to go home for dinner. We had Hot'N'Spicy Chicken sandwiches from McDonald's. Then I watched Zommbieland and went to sleep. 

I woke up in the morning to my phone ringing You're way too beautiful girl, that's why it'll never- "Hello." "hey, it's Niall from across the street." "Oh, hi, what's up?" "I was wondering if you wanted to walk to school together?" "sure." "Ok, I'll be over in 10 minutes." "KK, see you then." I hung up jumped outta bed and got dressed. I put on my black skinny jeans, a white button up shirt and red suspenders. I ran downstairs and grabbed a bite of cerial and then ran upstairs brushed my teeth and slipped on my red vans. When Niall got here we walked to school. He was talkoing about his house in Mullingar. I asked him why he moved and he said he was bullied. "I'm bullied too, and you probably don't wanna hang out with me." "Of coarse I do, you're my first friend." We went to the office to get his schedule. We have all the same classes together. I showed him where our classes are and he sat by me in all of them. At lunch I sat in the cafeteria for the first time this year. Alex came up to Niall and I "what's that?" She said pointing to Niall. "Her boyfriend." Niall said and Alex walked off, no one had ever stood up to her. He was awesome.

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