P.S. I Love You

Lexi was always bullied and had no friends, that is until new boy Niall Horan moves in down the street. He becomes her best friend but she wants to be more. What will happen? Will they ever be more than friends?


9. Easy Cheese

Harry's POV

This is going to be fun. I've been to England and America and now I'm going to Paris. When Lexi was done talking to her mom we got in the car and drove to Walmart. Liam leaned up into the front seat where Niall and Lexi are sitting and turned on the radio. It was Glad You Came by The Wanted. Lexi turned it to another station and Niall looked over at her. "I hate the Wanted." She said and turned on Justin Bieber Boyfriend. "If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go, hold you in my arms girl, you'd never be alone." She sang along and Liam and I stared at her. "What? It's a good song." She said and we drove to Walmart listening to Niall's Justin Bieber CD. We got there and I jumped out with Liam right behind me. Lexi grabbed Liam's hand and dragged him over to the suitcases. "We need big ones, we'll be there for a month and a half." she told him looking at a big purple one. Liam grabbed it  "Found one."  he said and put it in the cart Niall brought over. "Well mines better." Lexi put a black one in, it was a little smaller than Liam's. We went over and Lexi grabbed two cans of Easy Cheese. We bought the cheese and suitcases then left. "Let's get some ice cream" Lexi said putting cheese on her toungue. Niall took the cheese and put some in his mouth. "Ok." We went and got ice cream then Niall drove Liam home. After a few minutes we got to my house. "Bye Hazza!" Lexi yelled out the window. "Bye Lexi, Bye Niall!" I yelled back. "Bye." Niall said and drove off.

Niall's POV

As soon as we left Harry's place I took Lexi's cheese again, only because it annoys her. "Hey! That's my cheese." She said and took it back. I just laughed at her. She put as much as she could in her mouth then licked the top of the can, probably thinking I wouldn't take it again. I did and out some in my mouth. She took it away and ate the rest. "This is my cheese." she said, sticking the other can down the front of her shirt. "Fine. You win." I said pulling into her driveway. "Bye Ni Ni." she said and kissed me. "Bye Le." (prononced Lee) I told her and kissed her. I pulled out and drove into my driveway. I saw Greg's car. I went in the house and saw Greg watching a movie on the couch. "Hey Greg." I said and started up the stairs to my room. "Hey Niall." he said back.

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