P.S. I Love You

Lexi was always bullied and had no friends, that is until new boy Niall Horan moves in down the street. He becomes her best friend but she wants to be more. What will happen? Will they ever be more than friends?


7. Dance

Lexi's POV

I woke up and I realized I was still in my dress. Niall was still asleep and I got up and got some toast. I went back upstairs and saw Niall sleeping. I got out my sketch book and a pencil. I drew Niall sleeping, He was so cute when he slept. When I had finished I put my book down and went downstairs to make pancakes. Niall came in smiling, "Why are you so happy?" I asked He pulled my book out "You're an amazing artist." He told me. "Thanks" I told him. The door bell rang and we both went to answer it. It was Alex. "What do you want?" Niall asked. "A date to the dance." She said "He has one." I said. "Well duh, I heard you have a brother, where is he?" She said walking in. "Not here." Niall said pushing her backout "And he has a girlfriend." Niall shut the door and locked it. Muara came downstairs "Who was that?" she asked. "A brat from school" Niall replied. "Ok. Did you sleep here Lexi?" Maura asked turning to me. "Yeah, I hope that was ok. Mom went out last night." "It's fine with me, but Niall forgot to tell me." She said "I made pancakes" I said and we waked into the kitchen. Maura saw my drawing of Niall and asked "Did you do this Lexi?" "Yeah." I said "It's really good." "Thanks" I blushed. After eating Niall and I went over to my house. We saw mom passed out on the couch with Allison on the floor. "They got drunk." I said. We headed up to my room and I went over to my closet and began looking for a dress for the dance tonight. We got up at 10 and It's now 11:30. The dance starts at 7 tonight. "We are going to the mall." I annonced. "Ok, I'll drive." Niall said. We went back to his house, he got the keys to his Porsche and we drove to the mall. We started looking and I found really cute shinny silver three-inch heels and bought them. Niall found a tux and bought it. At around 2 we went and got McDonalds burgers for lunch. I ate the burger like a pig and then devowered my fries. I ate alnost as fast as Niall. We then went to a dress shop and started looking. The worker came over and asked if we needed help. "Sure." I told her "What are you looking for? Wedding dress? Or prom dress?" She asked "Valentines Dance dress." Niall replied. "Of course. Let's see. Pink is too soft of a colour for you. You need something to help you pop out. Like red." We followed her to a rack of red dresses. I she began looking at them. She pulled up a red above the knee skin tight dress it was strapless. I went to try it on. It fit perfectly and I bought it. We went home at 4. We watched The Hunger Games. At 5:30 I put the dress on and curled my hair. Then I put on some lip gloss and mascara. Niall came back at 6:53 and we drove to the dance. When we got there Niall and I danced for an hour then he got us some punch. Kevin, my use to be best friend, came over to me. "What Kevin?" I asked "I came to appologize, for making fun of you and not beleiving you when you said nothing happened." He told me. I said back to him "It's too late so why don't you go screw your boyfriend and leave me alone." I said. 'Fine." He sad his voice hard and he walked away. I felt bad, I was the only one in the school that hadn't commented about him being gay, except Niall, until now. Oh well. He made fun of me and hurt me, it was payback time. Niall came back and said we just made it. "Before what?" "Some stupid senior spiked the punch, he did it right as I was walking away." "Oh. Lucky us." I said. Then they played the song Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson. "This si my favorite song." I told Niall and pulled him over to the dance floor and we danced. At like 11, after the dance was over we went to his house and I stayed there again.

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