This story is about a girl named Vanna, her parents decided to make Vanna go to school, a school called Easton High School, where she encounters with the famous Harry Styles! What will happen during this school? There's also a big secret that locks deep within the story, what is it? Find out now! This story will update on Mondays and Fridays!

This contains blood and gore, and cussing, so read at your own risk, and don't try any of the stuff at home, this is all fiction and obviously not real, so please, read at your own risk, for 16 and up.


3. Chapter 3; Timo to go. (This is really short, I know I apologize!)

Chapter 3
When I walked inside the girls gym, I noticed everyone was sat on the cold yellow tile floors and listening to the coach. "Well well well, if it isn't the new girl!" Coach said, looking at me with a smirk. "Right." I sharply said. "Well why don't you tell a little bit about yourself." Coach said, directing me to her. I stubbornly walked toward and faced the whole girl gym class. "Hi, I am Vanna." I said, as I went to taken seat at the end. Everyone kept looking like they had a problem with me or something, I quickly ignored it and fully started listening to the coach.
Luckily, it was almost time to go. I quickly walked out the building and waited outside still on the campus.
I assumed I'll be taking the bus again since Bob didn't tell me how to get home from school. When it was time, I walked to my bus, walking inside and taking my seat. During the ride, all I could think about is how hard my life is, I feel like it's only me in this cold dark world.I have to kill to fully recover my revenge for this gang called the "Wolf pack" they are the ones who killed my grandparents. The people who actually treated me like a child unlike my real parents. I have this one brother, but he's unknown to be found, possibly dead with my other relatives. My parents practically think I'm a monster and doesn't even talk to me..I don't blame them though. I just wish I could live a normal average teenage life, but I know that if I don't get revenge I'll die with regrets and keeping this scary gang alive killing harmless souls, you could say I'm like a superhero, but...Not really.I just don't feel right with myself and usually nothing goes my plan.I just wish I could re do my life and rewind the tape and fix everything.

Authors note: Sup, this is chapter 3, it told a little bit about Vanna's personal life. And the next chapter will be up next!
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