This story is about a girl named Vanna, her parents decided to make Vanna go to school, a school called Easton High School, where she encounters with the famous Harry Styles! What will happen during this school? There's also a big secret that locks deep within the story, what is it? Find out now! This story will update on Mondays and Fridays!

This contains blood and gore, and cussing, so read at your own risk, and don't try any of the stuff at home, this is all fiction and obviously not real, so please, read at your own risk, for 16 and up.


2. Chapter 2; Classes.

Chapter 2

Finally, I walked inside the school and instantly noticed my policemen, but I didn't wanted to be guarded 24/7 in this place so I had to make a run for it. I quickly sprung and ran beside the policemen which I thought wasn't a good idea to do so. As I was running I slowly looked behind and noticed the 2 buff polices are closer to me than I thought. I quickly added pace to my running and without noticing I slammed into one of the teenagers. I quickly looked back and noticed the police were nowhere to be found. I slowly got up and looked down at the teen. The teenager seemed to be a girl and she quickly got up and looked at me. " I'm so sorry for my clumsiness, I didn't mean to get in your way!" The girl quickly said.
"Uh, it's okay, it's really my fault for not looking." I pointed out looking at her. I noticed how different she is from the other complete douchebags in this horrid school. She had long blue silky hair that covered her entire neck, with green eyes and bright red lipstick, she was like a beautiful mermaid, very unique and different. By the way, my name is Vanna." I said, looking at her. "Hi Vanna! I'm Carmen." She smiled, then looked up at the clock. "It's almost time for our first period, do you know where you go to?" She questioned. "Actually, no I don't, but I guess I'll be going to all your classes." I answered, smiling weakly. We walked to the first class.Mathematics. As we walked in, everyone was just looking at us, mostly me. I gave a quick rude look and grabbed Carmen's hand, walking to the two seats next to each other in the far back.We both sat next to each other and waited for about 10 minutes til the teacher walked in, he seemed tall and buff, wearing a dark navy blue bow tie and skinny baggy pants. With a French mustache. "Welcome to the first day of this Class, I am Mr.N nice to meet you..Now lets get started!" He faked smiled. I could tell
he didn't feel like doing this, The feelings mutual.During the class, I obviously wasn't prepared so I whispered to Carmen's ear to give me a piece of paper, She gave me some and I started working. Up to 10:00am, it was time for our second period, Gym. As I did my last problem,the tall idiotic teenagers ran out the door As quick as they can, while me and Carmen calmly put our stuff in our bags and left the room. "Okay, next were going to gym!" She smiled, as she continued. "Gym isn't as bad as people make it seem like, there's dozens of cute guys, especially the famous guy, Harry Styles!" She brightly smirked,oblivious to the time. "Oh, him. Yeah I guess he's alright." I said, rolling my brown orbs.As we walked inside the gym, it was like a male stripper place, literally every guy had their shirt off showing their pecs. As they was exercising. "This is the guys gym room, the girls gym is across from here, just follow me." Carmen said, as she started walking to the other room. The boys gym room was enormous and it was hard to pass through the sweating teens, but I wasn't interested with these pathetic fools, but stupidly, I bumped into a guy as I was observing the place. I fell on the floor and rubbed my head and opened my eyes. "You idiot, watch where you are goin-" As I looked upon myself, I saw the guy with the brown brownie curls and the green emerald orbs, holding is long hands out. "Whatever, I don't need your help." I quickly said, getting up and running towards to Carmen and I looked back, noticing the boy staring at me. I rolled my eyes and walked in the girls gym room. "You just bumped into Harry Styles! Usually girls would completely pass out." She pointed out, looking at me. "Well I could care less, and I'm not those kind of girls" I said, looking around the girls gym room.

Authors note: Hi! This is chapter 2, I've decided to update my stories every Monday and Friday! So, sorry for the confusion, but comment! Hope you liked it.
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