This story is about a girl named Vanna, her parents decided to make Vanna go to school, a school called Easton High School, where she encounters with the famous Harry Styles! What will happen during this school? There's also a big secret that locks deep within the story, what is it? Find out now! This story will update on Mondays and Fridays!

This contains blood and gore, and cussing, so read at your own risk, and don't try any of the stuff at home, this is all fiction and obviously not real, so please, read at your own risk, for 16 and up.


16. Chapter 16

Chapter 16

As we finally saw the ditch we got our the car and Zayn opened the trunk, taking Bailey out. "Well, here we go- Before he can continue, 3 police cars came in and policemen quickly got out and pointed us with guns. "Freeze! Put the body down and don't move!" They yelled, walking towards us. "Uh, how are we gonna put the body down if you just told us to not move?" I sarcastically said, smirking. "Silence!" One of the policemen said, then one of the policemen noticed Alex and frowned. "Daughter? What are you doing here? It's your father, Smith." He said, walking up to her. 

Alex's POV 
It was dad, I totally forgotten he was a policemen. "Right, hi dad, can you and your policemen let us go?" I asked, giving him my famous puppy dog eyes. Usually he gives in, so this is my chance. "Fine, you are all on probation, if I catch you doing something bad I'll put you guys behind bars." He said as he and his police went back to their cars and drove away. We all signed in relief.

Harry's POV
I was holding Bailey, thinking that I obviously just want to hang out with Vanna, this is wasting my time. "Well, I'm gonna go see if anyone spying on us" I said as I tripped on a rock and Bailey fell right off my arms and rolled into the deep dark ditch. "Oops..." I said as I got up. 

Vanna's POV 
"Finally, that's over with, now lets go." I said in relief, when I looked at Alex she frowned at me and started walking away with Zayn. "Me and Zayn are going home, our house is not to far.Bye Harry and Vanna." Alex said as she walked away with her boyfriend. I looked at her then I turned to Harry. Harry smiled and pulled me close to him and held onto my hips with his long pale hands. I slowly looked up at his face with his cute dimples and emerald eyes. "Harry, I want to go home, I'm exhausted." I quietly said as I yawned. He slightly nodded and opened the car door for me and with no hesitation I sat by the passenger seat and he went in the driver's seat. We started driving back to my house, boy was it a long drive, I honestly didn't know how late it was either. It was 11pm and it's a school night. Ugh school, just a complete waste of time and full of fake bitches.Finally, we was at my house. I looked at him and leaned close to him and kissed his soft white red cheeky cheeks. 

"Vanna," He exclaimed "I love you since the day you slammed into me in the boys gym room, the first day we've met and locked our eyes with each other....The day I've fallen in love with you." I kept silent, I didn't know what to do...I never had this kind of relationship with anyone, and luckily he seemed to get that. "Harry...I honestly don't know what to say...I, I love you to." I said, cupping his cheek in his car. He smiled and got out the car.

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