This story is about a girl named Vanna, her parents decided to make Vanna go to school, a school called Easton High School, where she encounters with the famous Harry Styles! What will happen during this school? There's also a big secret that locks deep within the story, what is it? Find out now! This story will update on Mondays and Fridays!

This contains blood and gore, and cussing, so read at your own risk, and don't try any of the stuff at home, this is all fiction and obviously not real, so please, read at your own risk, for 16 and up.


14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

He tackled me to the ground, I tried to not hurt him but I ended up beating his ass.
Vanna's POV
I laughed so hard, I can't believe all this happened in a matter of minutes, I kept on laughing until I heard the doorbell. I ran downstairs towards the door and opened the door, it was Harry, he instantly pulled me into a large hug and held me close."You alright?! Did Niall touch you???" He quickly questioned as we walked inside. "Nope, only Alex but Alex beat his ass, but now Zayn's fighting Niall." I said as Harry grabbed my arm and ran upstairs to Niall's bedroom. 
Harry's POV
I ran straight inside and saw Niall on the floor his whole face full of blood, I was stunned. Vanna kneeled down to Niall's face and put her hand on his throat. "He's still alive, just in pain." She said, as she got up and walked towards Alex. There was an awkward silence. We all stand there and observed Niall on the floor, injured. "Well, we should go to the club, it'll be fun." Alex said nonchalant  as she grabbed Zayn's hand and walked outside, like nothing happened.

Vanna's POV
"Harry, want to go with them or what?" I questioned to Harry as I grabbed his arm, walking outside to his car.
 "Sure, guys lets take my car." He said to all of us as we jumped in the car and drove to the club.
Finally, we was at the club, We walked inside and it was packed, full of drunk crazy people and a enormous bar with practically all types of alcohol. Me and Harry sat next to each other in the lounge with Zayn and Alex. "Yo, I'm gonna go meet up with my friend Bailey from the bar so be right back." Said Alex as she walked to the bar.

Alex's POV
I walked to Bailey and smiled as I hugged her. "Aye hi Bailey! What's up?" I said as I sat next to her at the bar. "Nothing really, just reallyyyyyy drunk." She said all giggly.Bailey was wearing a long tight black dress with green high heels wearing a messy bun.

 "Anyway, there's this guy I think that you'll make a cute couple with, do you know that guy Harry?" I asked, looking at her. "Of course, he's so cute." She replied. "Well let me go get him." I said as I walked back to the lounge I whispered in Harry's ear that I want him to meet someone. He nodded and said "I'll be right back, you guys." He said as I sat down next to Zayn and Vanna.

Harry's POV
I walked to the bar and saw a girl looking at me, I'm guessing thats the girl Alex wants me to meet. I awkwardly waved at her and smiled. "Hi I'm Harry." I said as I took a seat next to her. "Hi there, I'm Bailey." She said as she rubbed my arm and smiled, leaning her head on my shoulder. I could smell the thick alcohol in her breath. She was drunk.

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