This story is about a girl named Vanna, her parents decided to make Vanna go to school, a school called Easton High School, where she encounters with the famous Harry Styles! What will happen during this school? There's also a big secret that locks deep within the story, what is it? Find out now! This story will update on Mondays and Fridays!

This contains blood and gore, and cussing, so read at your own risk, and don't try any of the stuff at home, this is all fiction and obviously not real, so please, read at your own risk, for 16 and up.


11. Chapter 11

Chapter 11

I started to run away from Harry's house even though I had no idea where I was going, as I looked back while running, I saw Harry running after me.I didn't want him to see me like this so I had to continue running. But I started to get tired and was losing my breath. I forced myself into running but then there was a dead end! I stopped running and noticed Harry caught up close to me and looked worried.
Harry's POV
I didn't mean to make Vanna feel that way, she means the world to me,but damn she runs fast. "Vanna, I'm so sorry, I should if never pressured you into that." I said, looking at her. She kept quiet, if only I knew why she's acting like this...Maybe Niall is right, she might do have a deep secret.I grabbed onto her hips and pulled her close to me as I looked down at the light brown haired girl. "I would never want to hurt you love, you are way to special to me" I said to her quietly, trying to calm her down.
Vanna's POV
Why is Harry saying this to me, I honestly don't feel the same.. "Harry....I- "Shhh, it's just you and me."Harry said, leaning down to my lips. Oh god, he's gonna kiss me, I have to think of something.I was just about to fake sneeze until my phone rang. "Hold on I have to get this." I said as I walked away a little bit from Harry. It was a unknown number but I answered it anyway.
"Uh, hello?" I questioned
"Hi there, Vanna" The Irish voice said through the phone.
"Is this Niall?" I responded
"Yeah, it's me, I was wondering if you are available tonight." He said
"Um, why...." I questioned, raising an eyebrow.
"I was wondering if you can go on a date with me and a couple of other lads and gals" He replied.
"Uh, sure, I guess, but how did you get my phone number?" I asked, suspiciously.
"Great! I'll pick you up around 8pm, be ready!" He said and he quickly hanged up the phone.I checked the time and it's 1:59pm, I put up my phone in my pocket and turned back to Harry. "What was that all about?" Harry asked, looking at me "Nosy much?"
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