One Direction Imagines!!!!

Heey!! Ok so you guys can leave one of the guys names and your name and tell me how you want it! EX.] Harry and Bri. Dirty.
I will try my best to do all of yours and yeah I just want to let you kno that you can use two of the boys and yourself or like three if u want or all! Ahaha


2. Stephanie and Nialler

Stephanie's POV. I walked in the house from a long day at work. But tonite was a special night. Niall and I had been dating for 2 years now so I knew that he would have something planned. As I walked in I turned on the light and hung up my scarf and sweater. I looked all around the house but no Niall. I finally got to our room and there was a note: Hey Darlin Sorry I can't make it to night. I have to go fix Louie's car. UGH I sighed. I'm so upset that he would ditch me on our anniversary. BEEP BEEP! My phone went off. I got a text from my friend. (F/N): hey can you help me with my project? To (F/N): be right over. *** I walked up to my friends door and there was no answer. 'Strange..' I thought to myself. I walked in you know cause we're close like that. The lights were off. I flickered them on and saw a table with candles. 'Ok really strange.' I thought again. Until I saw blonde locks of hair peek around the corner. "You honestly thought I'd leave you on our anniversary?" Niall asked. I just stood there and smiled.
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