One Direction Imagines!!!!

Heey!! Ok so you guys can leave one of the guys names and your name and tell me how you want it! EX.] Harry and Bri. Dirty.
I will try my best to do all of yours and yeah I just want to let you kno that you can use two of the boys and yourself or like three if u want or all! Ahaha


6. Elle and Niall

Elle's POV. I lied on my bed crying for hours. 'How could he!' I kept thinking. You see I just went to nialls to see if he wanted to have a movie night with me. But when I walked in he had this other girl all over him. I ran out leaving a trail of tears behind. Niall pushed the girl off of him and ran after me. When I reached my house I slammed the door and ran to my room. Leaving Niall out side my house. I sat up and put my head phones in my ears and started to listen to "Locked Out Of Heaven" by Bruno mars. Which was stupid of me cause it made me cry more. I felt my stomach growl so I went down stairs to the fridge. And grabbed a whole thing of (favorite food). I sat at the table and started to eat until I heard a sound out side. I opened my back door and saw Niall. He was singing (your fav song) to me. It left tears streaming down my face. When he was done and yes I did listen to the whole thing he came up to me. "Baby I'm so sorry, it's not what it looked like." He said. "Well then what was it!" I growled. "Elle, the boys brought her over and they left to get food. She's Louie's friend. And when they left she tried to kiss me-" I cut him off. "So you let her?!?" I yelled. "No Elle she's really strong." He giggled. But I took this serious I ran inside and stupidly enough forgot to close the door. So Niall came in after me. He picked my head up to look at him. "I'm so sorry." He said. But before I could get a word out he pushed his lips against mine. I didn't stop him cause well I loved his kisses. He carried us up to my room and closed the door. Lets just say all went well except for the noise complaints about moaning. ;)
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