One Direction Imagines!!!!

Heey!! Ok so you guys can leave one of the guys names and your name and tell me how you want it! EX.] Harry and Bri. Dirty.
I will try my best to do all of yours and yeah I just want to let you kno that you can use two of the boys and yourself or like three if u want or all! Ahaha


1. Harry and Brianna

Briannas POV.
I walked into my flat and closed the door. My hair had been soaked from all the rain. I made my way quietly up the stairs; trying not to wake up Harry. I opened the bedroom door and turned on the light. I looked around. Harry wasn't there! Maybe he's just visiting Louie. I thought. I went into the bathroom and pealed my soaking when clothes off. I turned the hot water on and got in the shower. I washed my body and stuff. *swoosh!* the curtains flong open. "Harry?" I asked. He was naked. His hair out of place and just WOW! He put his finger over is mouth and told me to shh. I did as he said. He got into the shower with me. (Which he did frequently.) he pulled me close to him and lifted my leg up around his waist. And the other stayed down. Harry's large erection was hitting my belly button. He pushed his lips against mine. I tasted the liquor and to be honest didn't mind it. His hands fled down my waist to my bum. He squeezed it and used it to help him push himself inside me. "Harry!" I moaned. He was so big. He pushed his whole length inside of me and thursted in and out of me. He pulled out and got out of the shower. He left the bathroom without a word. I was still breathing heavy. The bathroom was way more steamy than it was before. "Wooow." I sighed. Sliding down the shower wall.
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