Different poems.....


2. If death was a....

if death was a place it would be the sea
Reminding you of all the memories you shared with me
The waves washing on the shore
You can't see me anymore
But I'm beneath you in the sand
I'll be with you forever and
I feel no pain I am free
When you think of me think of the sea

If death was a bird it would be a dove
Reminding you of all my love
When you see me in the sky
Reminder that I didn't die
I am soaring in the breeze
No longer do I cough or sneeze
So when you think of me don't be sad
Think happy thoughts and be glad
That forever I am always here
When you think of me give a cheer

Death is coming you can't hide
Remember those who have died
They are with you in the sky
They the ones who will never die...
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