Twisted Whispers

Keeping a secret is dangerous. Christina knows everything about everyone. She has a notebook containing every secret there ever was in her school. The notebook was a legend. Everyone knew it existed; she became very popular very quickly as nobody wanted those secrets to get out. Then one day Lucy Bennet, known beg of the school, sees the notebook peeking out of Christina's bag. In an attempt to gain popularity and lose her bad reputation, she steals the notebook and photocopies each page; ripping out all of her own secrets. She makes a fake account for Christina on Facebook and each week posts a different page from the notebook. Christina starts being attacked and bullied no end for letting these secrets out. Lucy creates a hate page on Facebook and suddenly Lucy becomes popular and everything seems to be falling into place for her. Then one day a prank on Christina goes wrong ending up in fatality. Lucy accidentally runs into the guilty pranksters and is threatened into keeping quiet.


1. Page 1

Cara Kenneth:
cheated on danny owen with kyle milton at the christmas performance after party

Sophie Drenworth:
Kicked out of her house for sleeping with Henry Brent. Left school, could be pregnant.

Milly Leeds:
stole a netbook from the school english department. Broke it. Returned it. Theft never recognised

James Edwards:
Has a crush on Leanne Rustock. Wrote the annonymous love letters to her on valentines day.

Leanne Rustock:
Knows James Edwards fancies her. Burnt his love letters to hide them from her boyfriend Matthew Davenport.

Gina Lockton:
framed George Kaern for breaking a smartboard. George suspended for two weeks

Lizzie Layton:
thinks she's bi. isn't sure yet.

Noah Becket:
Made out with some guy at a party. Was beaten up for being gay.


These are just some of the secrets that were in Christina Watkins' notebook. These secrets were dangerous but everyone knew if there was one thing she could do, it was keep a secret. No one had ever seen this notebook but they knew it existed and that was enough to drive anyone crazy. Have you ever been told a secret that you couldn't tell anybody else so you tell your parents? Imagine keeping over 1000 secrets in a little notebook and not being able to tell anybody and in doing this you become the most popular girl in school because everyone is afraid you'll spill. That, in a nutshell, was Christina Watkins.


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