Short Stories

These are just a bunch of stories that I couldn't expand enough to make into actual separate Movellas. Comment but no hate!!!! xx


1. Forbidden

Kassi's P.O.V.

My eyes flutter open. Why do I feel so...different? Then I remember: today I am being Paired. Noticing I am awake, the robot wheels over to me and says, "Today is April 5th, 3038. Today you will be Paired. Report to City Hall at noon for testing. That is all." He wheels back and falls silent. I lay in bed, thinking about the Pairing test when something hits my window. My heart skips a beat before I realize it is just Sean. I grin and hurriedly change into jeans, a tank top, and flip flops before hopping out of my window. My feet land on the soft cool grass and Sean's bright blue eyes stare into my green ones. "Today is the day, huh?" he says, as we start to walk to the clearing. I nod. "Yeah." "Bet you are excited," Sean says, but not like a question. He says it more like a statement. "No, not really-" I start then see his eyes twinkling mischievously. I smack his arm playfully. Soon, we reach the clearing. I fall down, relishing in the glory of the early morning sun. Sean picks a few berries, tosses them up, and catches them in his mouth. "Talent," I say sarcastically, applauding his efforts. "Yes." He grins. "Who do you think you will be Paired with?" he asks me, turning his head to gaze intently at me. I sigh. "I don't know," I admit. "Obviously someone with like, the same personality or whatever. I don't know. I hate not being able to choose who to date and marry and have crushes on!" "I know," Sean says, nodding. "Even League One can't choose, which is surprising." He rolls his eyes and so do I. League One is the richest league, and they have the most food and water and all that. My league, League Three, isn't exactly rich. We have a population of about 750. Sean says, "If we are Paired, we can't tell anyone we have been secretly dating and that we sneak out to meet each other. Even though it would have been on the past, we would still get in trouble." "Ok," I agree. "When do you need to go to City Hall for testing?" he asks quietly, twirling the stem of a dandelion around his finger. "Testing starts at noon," I tell him. He nods. "Alright." He threads the dandelion into my locks of golden-blonde hair and I smile. Despite the testing, this is a pretty good day. "Tonight, here, 9 o clock as usual?" Sean inquires. "Yep," I confirm. We sit silently for a while, each thinking about what will happen if we aren't Paired. All of a sudden, Sean lets out a bitter laugh. I look at him for explanation and he says, "Just thinking how we could write a book....about all this. Call it Forbidden Love." I give him a small smile, thinking about how long ago, people could choose who to like, and date, and marry. I wonder what that is like. A faint ding sounds from the direction of the City followed by ten more. "Oh no!" I scramble up. "I need to get going! I will see you at 9, bye!" I pick up my flip flops and run towards home. I climb into my room and slam the window shut just as my mom storms in. "Kassandra July Cameron! It is almost noon and you are wearing....that?" she sputters. "Sorry mom," I apologize and meekly open my dresser drawers to pick out something else. "Be ready by 11:40!" my mom says before leaving, closing the door behind her. Sighing, I yank a ruffled purple skirt and a white tank top from my drawer. When I am changed and my hair is curled, I walk downstairs. My mom inspects me from head to toe before kissing me goodbye. I start the walk to City Hall, wishing Sean was here so I would have someone to talk to. Just then, my friend Mona pops out from behind a bush, startling me. "Ah!" I jump back, surprised. She grins. "I knew you would walk this way to City Hall and that you would be I stopped by!" she says happily. "What a great thoughtful person," I mutter dryly and smirk. She hurries to catch up to me and when she does she pouts. "I am kidding, Mona, jeez!" I murmur. "Nervous?" she asks me, changing the subject entirely. "Yep. How did you know?" "Easy!" she replies. "You never look like this unless you are nervous. And-" "Sarcasm, Mona!" I love Mona to death, but sometimes she can be so stupid. We arrive at City Hall and I say goodbye to Mona, striding briskly past anxious parents and frightened teens. When I reach the registration desk I say, "Kassandra Cameron." "Room 573," says the young woman and smiles at me. I try to smile back but it probably looks more like a grimace. I cautiously walk down the hall until I see room 573. I poke my head in. I see a table with a Computer Module, a Keyboard Module, and an assistant standing nearby. Sensing my arrival, she turns. "Welcome!" she pitches, her voice high and seemingly computer generated. "Have you reviewed the rules?" she asks, and I nod. "Ok," she says. "Great! Just sit right here and if you have any questions press five and six at the same time on the Keyboard Module." I nod, and she exits, shutting the door behind her. I take a deep breath and sit down. The first question is What Do You Do In Your Spare Time? Yikes, what am I supposed to say, oh I sneak illegally out of my house to hang out with my illegal boyfriend? Yeah, no. I carefully type Read And Listen To Music and hit Enter. It is kind of true. Next question. What Color Is Your Favorite? Well, let's see, let's go by today's motto, What Would Sean Say? (WWSS?) His favorite color is blue, a light blue, so I type Light Blue and hit Enter. Next. Do You Like Sports? If So What Sports? Ok, WWSS? Yes, I type. I Like Baseball. Next. 

*Two Hours Later*

Finally, I am done. I don't know how I can't get Paired with Sean, I answered almost every question how he would. I hurry home, excited to tell the twins, Kalli and Kolby what the test is like. But when I fling open the door, I stop dead in my tracks. The Officers stand there with my mother who is holding a trembling Kolby's hand. Kalli is no where to be seen. "What is going on?" I ask, fighting to keep calm and keep my voice steady. "Kassandra July Cameron, you are under arrest, for illegally dating and leaving the house." They advance towards me, and I scream and back away. My terrified green eyes look at my mother for help, but she looks away, heartily disappointed in her oldest child. That is when I realize: Sean. I can run away with Sean. With that, I bolt. I sprint down the street, my arms pumping in rhythm to the steady thwack my feet make on the pavement. When I reach Sean's house, I race around back to where he always is, reading. I run up to him, grab his arm, and tell him to run, that I will explain soon. He follows me, a bewildered look on his face. We flee up over the League Three fence, through the woods, across a stream. Finally, when we reach a clump of fifty trees or so, we stop, out of breath and exhausted. We collapse, drinking handfuls of water from the stream. "So," says Sean. "Tell me what is going on here." "They found out," I pant. "We are in so much trouble." He grimaces. "I just realized," I say. "We are in League Two, we are safe. Maybe we could start a rebellion or something." "I don't know...." Sean looks doubtful. "Come on, Sean," I plead. "For everyone.....not just us." He nods. "I can see what you mean...." I tilt my head, eagerly awaiting his response. "I guess," he says and I yelp excitedly and fling my arms around him. He smiles, and I grin back. Together, and with the help of others, we can bring the District down. But first we need a plan. Sean agrees to go door to door asking about the rebellion, and I decide to start a meeting in the Town Square. I will make people want a rebellion, even if that isn't what they originally thought. Sean and I eat some berries from a nearby bush, and then he heads off in the direction of some houses. I start to walk towards Town Square when a boy pops out in front of me. "Yikes!" I jump back, startled. The boy's smile evaporates. "Sorry," he says. "I didn't mean to scare you, but I heard you talking about a rebellion, and I would love to join." I know you need to be careful with who yout trust but hey. The more people the better the rebellion. "Great," I reply. "I am heading to Town Square to have a meeting...change some people's minds." "Can I help?" the boy asks. "Yes, of course." I nod. "Oh, by the way, I am Kassi." "Cool," says the boy. "I'm Finn." "Nice to meet you," I state. "Likewise," he says, nodding. When we reach Town Square, I see Sean has already convinced some people to come. Good. I walk up to the podium, trying to look relaxed and confident. I don't think it is working, I am so nervous. When I reach the Microphone Module, I clear my throat and say, "Good evening League Two! I am here today to talk to you about a rebellion. How many of you are tired of not getting to make your own decisions? I know I am! Are you with me?" The crowd roars, and more confident now, I continue. "Anyone here who is interested in joining this rebellion, sign up over there. Finn will sign you up. Finn, wave so they know who you are!" Finn flails his arms back and forth maniacally and I stifle a giggle. He looks funny. But as soon as people see where he is, they stream over, wanting to be a part of the rebellion. A few stragglers are coming now, and I fill them in on what is going on. Just then, Sean appears. "You did great gathering people!" I congratulate him. "Thanks," he says. "You really got them excited." "Yes," I agree. "Should we strike tomorrow? We have enough people." He nods. "It is now or never, Kassi." I rush over and inform Finn, then introduce Finn to Sean and Sean to Finn. We tell our fellow rebels, and they go home to get ready. We will meet at the District tomorrow at noon. Maybe, just maybe, we will win.

*The Next Day At 11:50*

Sean, Finn, and I are marching steadily toward the District, gaining on City Hall with every step we take. Everyone is following behind us, holding guns and other assorted weapons. When we reach City Hall we spread out.  Everyone has a Phone Module so I whisper into mine, "Ready?" Confirmations come through, so I say, "Set. GO!" A loud roar ripples through City Hall as we charge into the building. People are already lying on the ground, silent bloody masses. Most of them are District people. When we reach the president's office, there are still a few guards left unharmed, but others lay on the floor in pools of bright red blood. I shoot one who promptly falls. There are two more guards left. Finn shoots rapid fire at them, blindly hoping they will be killed. And they are. They collapse on the floor like rag dolls, blood spurting from multiple gunshot wounds. We burst through the door. The president is sitting calmly at his desk, as if he knows he will be dead soon. He has no weapons. He says, "Shoot me. It is probably for my own good anyway." I look at Finn and Sean. I gulp. And then I pull the trigger.  

*Six Years Later*

 "Mommy, how did you and Daddy meet?" asks our four year old daughter, Izzy. "We were best friends," I explain. "And then Daddy took over the DIstrict and made everything better and we got married." Sean walks in. "And here we are now," I say, before hugging Sean tight.


Wow. The segment of this story called The Next Day At 11:50 was so hard to write. The blood scenes were hard to write because I kept getting a mental image and then I had to stop writing and like, breathe into a paper bag. Lol. So anyway, comment please and let me know what you think. I will write more short stories soon. Cheers!!! xx


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