lucky one ('niall horan story)

if you love niall horan and one direction then read this :D


3. 3

Sarah's P.O.V.

I woke up with my head on someone's leg. 
Person: Are you okay ?
Me: Who are you?
He takes off his hood, and I sat there in shock. It was Niall Horan from One Direction. 
Niall: And who might you be?
Me: My name's Sarah. Nice to meet you.

Niall: You as well.
I was so pale that I couldn't breathe. He grabbed me off of his leg, and stood me up. I dropped my scarf and we both went to get it and both grabbed hands, looked up at each other and kissed. He pulled me away and said, "follow me ." He dragged my arm and pulled me too his car he opened the door for me and then ran to the drivers seat . We were half way there and I knew what he was planning. I could tell we were heading for the hotel and you know what that means. Before we got out of the car....
Niall: "You ready?" 
Me: No doubt! 
I blushed.
Niall: And um... Who was that Josh guy who punched you ? 
Me: Oh... that's my ex. 
Niall: I am not liking him so far... 
We ran into the penthouse suite and we saw Harry and Liam playing video games...

Niall's P.O.V.

Liam: What happened to your eye? 
Sarah: Well hello to you too.
I started to get to the point where I really was ready to go to the next level even though we just met... But it was love at first sight. 
Me: Okay time to go well be in my room. 
Harry: Don't break the bed! 
Me: Shut it Harry. 
Why do people treat me like a little kid? I know what I'm doing....
I rolled my eyes and before we did anything we put ice on Sarah's eye. After a few minuets I dragged her into my room of the suite. These suites are so big!! 
I locked the door and pushed her on the bed then I started to kiss her neck. I pulled the scarf off of her, then the coat. She pulled my shirt off of me. The I picked her up and held her while I unbuckled her bra and then lied her down and took off my pants. The rest was a blur. I woke up the the next morning to Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry singing C'mon C'mon in our ear. "Yeah ! I've been watching you all night. There something in your eyes, saying C'mon C'mon and dance with me baby! I sent everyone out of the room... We're up! We're up! They left the room while singing and we had to rush because Simon would be there in 20 minutes. And Sarah told me that she is Simon's great niece. We rushed and when Simon saw me he was confused.
Simon: What are you doing here Sarah? And why do you have a black eye? ... Care to explain?
Sarah : Long story. Ill tell you later. It's about umm.... Josh.
She looked down when she said his name.
Simon: Sarah! I told you that jerk was bad news. I swear when I find that kid...
Sarah: it's okay. I took care of him. Mum and dad know where I am. It's fine.
After their little talk, we went out to lunch at Nando's.... 

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