Why me? - Louis Tomlinson fanfic

Lizzie Ward runs away from her abusive father and then what?
Read on to find out....


6. This Day Was A Miracle!!!

Louis' P.O.V


I couldn't help but stare at the girl.

I expected Harry to become inlove with her but

he looked as if he didn't care anyway and I think it is because 

he has a girlfriend called Taylor Swift and he keeps telling us about

her and how hot she is but me and the boys think she is one total ugly woman!

The room was silent so I broke the silence by saying who Haz was and

who I was.

"Nice to meet you Harry and Louis. My name is Lizzie, Lizzie Ward

and do you know why I was in your room and your house, Louis?"

Lizzie was saying awkwardly.

I told her everything and she just blushed

when I explained how beautiful she was.


Lizzie's P.O.V


It was VERY awkward at the house and me and Louis 

started to get to know each other but Harry didn't say a word that night.

Louis told me not to worry about him because he will get the body guards

and tell Taylor Swift that I have been attacking him and Lou.

Louis was sooooo romantic and we stayed up together till 11:00 pm 

I was starting to feel tired and I accssedently yawned so Louis said I

could sleep with him so I agreed so I didn't have to go back on the streets...



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