Why me? - Louis Tomlinson fanfic

Lizzie Ward runs away from her abusive father and then what?
Read on to find out....


2. I found you

Louis' P.O.V


I know you know me so I don't need to explain who I am right?

Well... I saw a good looking girl sitting on a bench right next to 

the London's old park so I came closer and closer to see the details of her

I admit she was LOVELY but I don't

want to look ridiculous saying that if I don't know her or her personallities yet!



Lizzie's P.O.V


When I put my diary away I saw that I wasn't alone and I realized that

a man was coming closer to me 

and I REALLY didn't want Bob to see me in the streets of


I was so scared that I fell backwards and I think I cracked my head

and everything went PITCH BLACK...

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