Why me? - Louis Tomlinson fanfic

Lizzie Ward runs away from her abusive father and then what?
Read on to find out....


4. Fighting over JUST a girl

Louis' P.O.V


I heard footsteps moving above me and Harry which ment that the girl 

is wide awake and out of my bed now.

I had to sleep on the coach today and so did Harry

but it was 9:00 am by now so 

I nudged Haz to the kitchen area.


Harry's P.O.V


Lou nugded me into the kitchen and then he looked around.

''Don't you dare fall inlove with that girl 'cause she is mine! 

I was the one that brought her home so don't even lay a finger on her!


I was terrified because I have never heard him fight for a girl...   :O 


Lizzie's P.O.V


I looked down at the clock and realized that it was 9:00 am then the

next thing I knew was that

LOUIS is fighting over me with HARRY 

OMG i don't need to panik! everything is alright!

(Well... at least I hope it is)

I ran downstairs with 4 eyes looking at me

one pair of eyes staring like he loves me 

and the other just as if he dosn't care that pair was Harry...




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