Why me? - Louis Tomlinson fanfic

Lizzie Ward runs away from her abusive father and then what?
Read on to find out....


1. Running away...


Lizzie's P.O.V


Hi my name is Lizzie but you can call me Liz. 

I think I am VERY UGLY

and my class think that too!

I have re lips, rosy cheeks, blue eyes, avarage nose, long black 

eyelashes and white teeth.

My abusive father killed my poor mum when I was 7 

and if I don't do what he tells me then I get cut or get MASSIVE



Today my fa- or maybe I shall call him Bob 'cause he dosn't seem like a father

Told me to tidy the WHOLE house or else...

he will kill ME :(


I desided to run away instead so here I am faraway from my home in

Didcot. I am about in london because I can see all

the signs and buses and 



I sat down and i put all my bags on the bench near me.



I am tired of writing now so good night to all of you! ZzZzZzZz....





Hi guys do you like it? If you do here goes another chapter...



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