is this really love?

read this story please and i am sure you'll love it


1. 1


I silently creep-ed out of my room dressed in my school uniform and my binders, and books in hand. I sneaked downstairs and looked around to see if anyone was up. I was saved, they all seemed to still be sleeping.  Good. I don't need any marks on me before school. The teachers are too nosy  it just gets me in more trouble when will they notice that?! I sighed as I walked into the kitchen grabbed a water, and as I heard a creek upstairs rushed out the back door, jumped our fence and started off to school. "Oof" I said as I fell over something. I looked up from my awkward position to see a boy with messy brown hair, vibrant blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin getting up from a crouching position looking down at me with an amused look on his face. "Nice view " He smirked and held out a hand to me. I barley got what he meant  then my eyes widened so I turned it to a sitting position, then lightly took his hand and stood. "Thank you very much, sorry I ran into you." I said politely and turned restarting my to walk to school again and as I did I heard him chuckling softly. ~~~~~~~~~~~ I made it to school early and got to a desk at the back corner, put in my headphones and began to listen to 'Hurt Me' by Kerli. About a minute into the song a I quietly sang along and decided since no one would be in class yet began to sing. It began to go onto'MonsterRemix" by Meg & Dia and I was halfway through singing that as a chuckle from beside me made me stop in mid sentence, as I looked over horrified to see the boy from earlier look at me with his head on one hand. "Uh.. sorry I didn't know you where here.." I looked down and began to hum along to my music again and from the corner of my eye I thought he frowned  but I didn't get a chance to see before he turned to face the front with a blank face. I sighed softly and did the same, except looked out the window beside me and just sorta... drifted off. The bell rang and students piled in,I pulled my white hoodie up to cover the head phones and turned it down so no one could hear. Roll call went off, I barley noticed when my name came up but it finally registered after a second. "Kayla Huston ..." He said again "Uh.. Here" I said in my slightly booming feminine voice-its not my fault i'm a loud mouth-while some kids snickered.  I had most the kids I had last year the year I transferred to this school thinking my life may get easier ha, nice try for me.   "Micheal Seth..." I caught that name for an odd reason ,and turned my head to see that a slightly deep "Here" come from the guy next to me, so his name was Micheal that's great to know I guess  I turned my head back to the window, but not before I caught the look he gave me. Cocky.  Hmm figures yea I had a feeling he might piss me off looks like I was right. I sighed. Looks like im going friendless again this year too its fine. Im used to it. I kept repeating in my head, trying not to let the tears spill. ~~~~~~~ *Micheal's POV* I stared at her for a moment. Kayla huh? Hmm by the way the class reacted she doesn't have many friends in here. She doesn't seem to mind...  I stared to stare at her a bit closer she was slightly shaking. Her fists were clenched to the point  were her knuckles where pale, and she was slightly biting her lower lip looking straight ahead with pain, and sorrow in her eyes. I looked away instantly and partly covered my face. I was shocked from what I just witnessed, its not everyday guys catch girls in their vulnerable states. Some reason It made me blush and I do Not blush, that scared me. I barley noticed when class ended I was looking at Kayla which when she abruptly got up with her stuff and hurried out the door well that's when I noticed. I saw a strange scene though, four girls were glaring at Kayla's retreating form, and one girl signaled the other to follow and they all went after her. Ok not strange, but one I didn't really expect Kayla didn't seem the type to make easy enemies  I knew this wouldn't be good and started to debate weather to go or stay out of it.... She could handle herself right? and who am I her damned babysitter? No I JUST MET THE GIRL! And not really met either. I silently fought with myself on the matter and didn't notice just how long until the girls came back as the bell rang again. but Kayla was nowhere insight. Damn!

*Kayla's POV*
  I slowly opened my eyes again and srvaide the bathroom I was currently crumpled in. "Damn..." I choked out. My head was running through the order of events that just happened  Tinsley and her cronies chased me because.. well reasons I don't want to get into at the moment  Kelsy and Amy held me while Kim "Roughed me up" then Tinsly poured tequilla over me and some cuts I developed.   All through it I made no sound, no tears came out and I had a blank expression and they were Pissed. How you like that bitches! Apparently not much cause she slammed me to the wall causing my head to bounce, and a loud yelp escape my mouth. I lost control of my vision and thoughts for a moment.   I weakly lifted a pale hand to see if my head was bleeding, nope. Ha again bitches! I told myself triumphantly as silent tears cascaded over my slightly pink cheeks. I shakily stood and began to strip of my clothes that now smelt strongly of liquor. Great. I thought sarcastically as I placed the cloths in the sink to wash. That's when I heard quick footsteps.   instantly dismissed the thought they were coming to my "rescue" and just as i thought that, my overwhelming emotions began to grip me. Then the bathroom door banged open....   *Micheal's POV*   It hurt me to know that I could have stopped whatever went down. Hey im just to nice. I stood and walked up to this platinum blonde chick who looked like the leader. when she saw me she smiled flirtatiously and sat to where her breasts where squarely presented... It made me want to gag.   "Where is she?" I demanded her smiled didn't waver but she twitched slightly. "Excuse me?" she tried innocently and sickly sweet. I saw right through it and narrowed my eyes getting pissed seriously fast. "Kayla." I said leathly. "Where!" I snapped  She and her little friends flinched but I got my answer  "Girls.. Girls bathroom end hall." She stammered with large, round eyes the sight made me smile. "Thanks" I walked out of class then jogged to the bathroom and shoved the door so hard it banged against the wall as I stormed in. "Kayla!" Just as I saw her.   She looked absolutely shocked. Her eyes were like a deer's in headlights she shock slightly then dropped  I advanced 2 steps then noticed what she had on as I paused for a minute to take it in. She was soo... I cant even say but her long slightly curly black hair was wet and her face was too and paler, she had a few cuts but what I really noticed was what she was wearing or lack of. She was only wearing a red black lace push up bra and matching bikini bottom panties. Oh.God.   *Kayla's POV*   "Kayla!" My face paled and all the pain engulfed me as my mind went blank.. Micheal... it was Micheal... I fell but it seemed slow motion through my eyes. I couldn't take them off Micheal though. Why is he here? How is he here? NO!! He Cant be here!   My heart was pounding as I fell against the stall and begin to blink in and out of reality. Blank. Micheal getting closer... Blank... Micheal placing something over me... Blank... Being in Micheal's strong and warm arms... Blank....... Home.   I surged upward though it hurt my head. "N-no.." Tears spilled down my tinted cheeks. I listened intensely. Nope no one home. Thank God!! I threw on a plain shortish black dress and black flats. I ran downstairs and outside. It was maybe 6pm Good I have time, now I can think of where he may live?... "Hm." Came a deep sounding male voice behind me. I stilled and slowly... ever so slowly turned around

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