Always be Together


2. The phone call

"And then harry asked for my number" Abi finished off proudly. We were in my bedroom cuddled up on my white sofa but we were meant to be asleep. I checked the time, it was half three. We had arrived home at two and perrie had personally apologised to my mum and she was so amazed I think she forgot to be angry with us! Thanks Perrie! :) 

"No way" Tess said astonished, "you must be joking"

"Yeah, I can ring him if you want" Abi said excitedly and produced her phone. She clicked on harry's picture and waited while it dialled. It went straight to answer phone

"The number you have dialled does not exist" Abi looked upset.

"I dont understand" Abi mumbled.

"Don't worry Abs, i'm sure he didn't give you the wrong number on purpose" I said and gave her a hug.

"Yeah and if he did, then he sure missed out on something amazing." Tess added.

"You know, i really thought he was the one" Abi said.

"Abs, you were only with him for like 1 hour!" I said giggling

"Yeah but still..." Abi protested and started to grin. 

"We should probably get to sleep" I said yawning

"Yeah see you in the morning" Abi got into bed.



I was woken up by the light streaming in through my bedroom window. 

"Wakey wakey sleeping beauty" Abi teased.

"Yeah yeah one sec" I said, turning on my phone and was momentally blinded by the brightness. I had one new voicemail. Tess grabbed it off me, 

"Ooooh its from your bf" Tess and abi chuckled

"Look who's miss mature this morning" I grabbed it back and went out to the landing to ring answer phone. 

"You have one new answer phone message *beep* hi Saphhie, this is Perrie! i was wondering if you would like to come backstage at one of our concerts so you can meet the girls, oh and bring your crazy friends! i'll send you three passes, alright got to go byeeeee *beep* end of messages" 

I ran back inside

"Hey guys, guess who that was?" I asked excitedly

"Harry styles?" Abi sulked.

"Still hung up on that?" I asked, she nodded, "well it was Perrie saying that we are invited to go backstage at one of their concerts!" I practically shouted.

"Yay!" Tess shouted and started jumping up and down.

"Girls whatever you are doing up there, can you stop being so noisy" My mum shouted from downstairs. Tess and I instantly dropped to the ground. We were going to meet Little Mix! This was turning out to be the best weekend ever!


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