Always be Together


3. Meet and Greet

It was the morning of the concert. I put on my favourite aztec printed leggings and a black vest top. I met Abi and Tess outside of the stadium and we went in together. The concert was great, the songs were really catchy but i couldn't enjoy the performance that much because I was too nervous for what was happening next. After the concert, we were escorted to a special room where we waited with a few other people. I was surprised to find we weren't the oldest there. suddenly the atmosphere in the room rose, I turned around and saw four girls walk into the room followed by two security guards. Perrie smiled at me and went other to a group of young teenagers. They went round and spoke to everyone in turn, we were last. When they finally came over to us, Perrie introduced the girls to us (like we didn't know who they were!) 

"Hi Sapphie, i've heard so much about you." Leigh-anne said and we fist pounded. 

"I hope it's all good! I can't believe i'm talking to leigh-anne, my sister is going to be so jealous." I said smirking. 

"Haha tell her i say hey!" Leigh-Anne said before she was called over by the security guards. I looked around, Abi was chatting to Jesy and Tess was having what looked like a dmc with Jade. Perrie wondered over to me

"So what do you think of them?" She asked interested

"They seem like such nice people," I said still not believing I was talking to Perrie from Little Mix. 

"Oh they are, crazy but nice!" Perrie said smiling at them. We chatted for a little longer but then they had to go. We said goodbye and then rushed home. 


"That was so cool!" Tess screamed

"Yeah ikr!" Abi said hyperly

"You seemed to have cheered up, gotten over the Harry thing then?" I asked her jokily. 

"Well.... abi started, "it turned out that harry gave me the wrong number by mistake and has tried to ring me like five times." Abi said even more excitedly.

"How did you find that out?" I asked slightly confused

"Harry told Zayn and then Zayn told Perrie!" Abi said

"Oooooh, someones in luurrrveee!" Tess and I teased. 

"Maybe" Abi smiled not really with it. She was probably to busy imagining Harry Styles proposing to her or something silly like that but I guess you never know... 

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