Always be Together


1. The awards

There I was sitting in the back of a white limo with my two best friends, Abi and Tess, oh not to mention I was also sitting next to  PERRIE FROM LITTLE MIX !!!  I couldn't believe it. It turned out that my mum's best friend from high school who she always goes on about was Perries mum! They met up recently and my mum mentioned my 13 year old sister was a fan of Little Mix, next thing I know, Perrie's mum sent us four backstage passes to the Radio 1 Teen Awards. Mum insisted that I went with her and so I brought along a few friends. We had just dropped off my sister because Perrie wanted to take us somewhere that she thought would be 'unsuitable' for a 13 year old.

"So did you guys enjoy the awards?" asked Perrie looking at me. She looked gorgeous in a long black maxi dress.

"Yeah it was amazing, you guys are so good!" Abi said excitedly.

"I just cant believe we're here!" Tess grinned.

"Yeah thanks so much Perrie" I said.

"Aww dont worry guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it!" Perrie smiled. The limo stopped.

Why are we stopping here?" I asked suspiciously

"You didnt think we'd miss the after party did you?" Perrie grinned and got out the limo. I followed her and was almost blinded by the bright lights of the press. wow, it would be hard to get used to that. Perrie came over to me and said under her breath,

"Don't worry they still scare me too!" and walked into the building. Tess and Abi looked beautiful, Tess in cobalt blue shorts, a white blouse and gold heels and abi in a coral dip hem dress with black heels. I was wearing a short lace dress with long sleeves. I waited for them outside before i went in.


"I hope Zayn's there!" Abi said excitedly.

"why, so he can introduce you to harry and he will fall madly in love with you?" tess teased.

"oh shut up" abi said smiling. 

"just don't get your hopes up" I said nervously, secretly hoping he would. I looked around, most of the press had left and gone to hastle another celebrity. We stepped inside and gasped. We were standing in a lobby with crimson walls and a chandelier. I looked over at Abi and Tess and they were obviously as impressed as I was. We were hurried into another room. it was quite spacious with blue lighting and a bar but at the age of 17, we were to young to drink. i scanned the room to see if anyone interesting was there. I spotted Jessie J and Ellie Goulding chatting at a table with katy perry and Rihanna. I also saw Adele and Jay Z. This place was full of celebs!


"Have you seen zayn yet?" asked Abi practically pounding on me.

"Nooo Abs" I laughed and shrugged her off. Just then I heard abi let out a little yelp. I was about to ask her why but then i turned around and saw harry and zayn walk through the door. Perrie ran up to meet him and insisted that he meets us. Perrie spent the rest of the night introducing me to all of the latest stars and said that I should hang out with the girls some time so I gave her my phone number.

"We have to go, its really late. mum will KILL me" I shouted over the music. Tess looked her watch, it read half one in the morning.

"Wow, this night had gone really quickly!" 

"Yeah thats true. Hey! wheres Abi?" I asked anxiously.

"The last time I saw her, she was staring at Harry Styles" we giggled. just at that moment, Abi bounced up to us, full of energy.

"Guess what guys-" she started

"Tell us in the car" I said and pulled her out to the car waiting to pick us up.


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