Run Till Dawn

I grew up in a mueseum. I learned everything there, about the past and present. I knew more about the past. I lived in it, only observing the present from a window, never touching it, never being part of it. Until something came in the night. Looking for me. Now I have to go. It dosen't matter where. I have to escape what is coming after me. It's death or a life of running, unless I unravel the mystery of my past....


1. Beginning

The girl smoothly came out through the window. She was so quiet, and the only inkling of emotion could be heard through her breathing. She was heartbroken. Her face was still wet with tears, though the darkness masked this. She was not glad. She had saved the child, or at least postponed its death. Her arms where still warm from the small bundle she'd been holding a minute ago. A wave of emotion went over the girl, but she dared not break the silence. Not that it would help now. She was scared. They fed on fear. They could smell it. They knew where she was.

She was about 15, yet nothing about her was like an average girl. She was different. Though it could not be seen in the darkness, a thin scar went across her pale cheek, her hair long and like a raven's feather, her eyes dark and sad. Many years she had carried the burden. She knew it would end tonight. Then it would be the child's turn. The mueseum was left behind her, and she went in to the park, the darkness as black as pitch. Now she could feel them. The child would be safe in the mueseum. She would learn to survive there. Rochester would teach her the ways of the world, as they really were.

Yes they were here now. She heard steady paced footsteps behind her. She could run all she wanted, but it would catch her, while keeping the pace. It was close now. She could see death. A claw reached out, cold yet burning, hard yet gentle on her shoulder. Then it gripped, and pain seared through her, tearing her muscles, poisoning her veins, putting her in no position to control her body. It went to her mind, but that was strong, and fought back. The thing screeched in annoyance, and let go, the girl sank to the ground, quivering in pain. Then it forced it's claw in to her heart, until the beat stopped, and the will power weakened. Then it let go and dissapeared.


They found the girl's body at precisly 9:07 in the morning.

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