Daydreams (poetry competition)

This is my second entry into the poetry competition "stanza and deliver". It's inspired by absentminded daydreams that come in bleak boring classrooms.Hope you enjoy (:


1. Daydreams

I'm slouching down behind my desk
My teacher talks in constant drone
she announces, we have a test
All I want is to go home.

My mind is slowly drifting,
The sounds are drowning out,
I see myself far away
Resting by a river's mouth.

The only sounds I'm hearing now
Are the tweeting of the birds
Butterflies flutter by
Elephants travel In herds.

Trudging far behind the pack
Is an injured dog
A saddened look inside his eyes
He stops beside a log.

I wander towards him cautiously
Wondering what is wrong
He holds up his bleeding paw
I stroke it gently and begin to sing a song.

As I sing an sing and sing
The paw begins to heal
The dog looks up , a smile in his eyes
With a message I feel so real.

What's the use of an a in maths
Or full marks in history
If I can make one person smile
That's enough for me.

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