The Trip to England

Who knew a simple class trip could reveal a whole new side of you, you didn't even know existed. (Not famous)


2. Barbie Clothes and Candy Apples

We arrived at the mall and i got Scarrlet out of her seat and we walked in the parking lot together holding hands and Scarrlet skipping away.

"Were should we head to first?" i asked smiling

"The toy store!"

"But you have lots of toys!"

"But i need some new Barbie clothes!"

"Grandma can just knit you some"

"Well those are ugly!"

"I have to agree, Fine lets go" i said taking her hand and heading to the toy store. We found it and went in towards the barbie section.

"Can i get a new baby?" She said giving me the puppy dog eyes

"But you have lots of those too!"

"Ya but some lost their eyes"

"Oh ok then you can pick 1 baby out and 3 barbie outfits but i still need money for your clothes."

"Thank you!" she said hugging me

"Anything for you" i said hugging her back

          Scarrlet picked out her barbie outfits and her baby and we headed to the food court. We both got stuff from Burger King and we found a seat.

"Shopping next?" i asked her

"Sure" We finished our Snack/Dinner and went around shopping then i got a text From Molly

Molly:Hey are you busy right know?:)

Me: Ya why??

Molly: cuz i was wondering if you wanted to come over and study?:)

Me: Sorry im with my sister:( maybe 2morrow?

Molly: k Thats fine

Me: K i gtg ttyl


I felt bad for Molly because i we just met and i rejected her i guess and now i probably seem like a rude person but i'm not... well sometimes i can but that's on purpose. 

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