The Trip to England

Who knew a simple class trip could reveal a whole new side of you, you didn't even know existed. (Not famous)


1. History


I grabbed my  text book and shut my locker door then headed off to history class. I was soon joined by my 2 best guy friends Luke and Joey. We all sat at our desks and waited for class to start  then the teacher, Mrs. Swan walked in with a really pretty girl and i knew that she was the new girl all of the teachers were talking about. I looked around, every single guy in the class room just stared which was the same reaction i got when i first moved here.  She has long light brown hair, blue eyes and was quite tanned. She was almost taller than the teacher who was about average height. She wore black tights with a polka dotted, white, shear panel, long sleeve shirt.

          One of the guys broke the awkward silence by whispering loudly "Holy Crap" and the whole class started laughing. Mrs. Swan interrupted and introduced 'The New Girl' to the class.

"Good morning everyone we have a new student in our school and her name is Molly. Can everyone say hello to Molly please?"

"Hello Molly" everyone yelled. Mrs. Swan pointed out the the empty seat behind me and told her that was her seat. Mrs. Swan turned around and started writing a question on the board then the same guy who said 'holy crap' smacked Molly in the bum. She gave him a dirty look then sat in her seat 

"You get used to it" I whispered to her

"I'm Mia and this is Luke and Joey" I said pointing to them

"Their my guy friends."

"Mia can you help Molly around the school when she needs it?"Mrs.Swan asked politely

"Sure"I replied,

          Class was over and i headed to my locker when i heard someone walking towards me. I looked up and Molly was standing there holding her text books.

"Umm Molly school is over and you can put your books in you locker"

"I know, i was wondering if you could catch me up on science some time this weekend if you are available?"

"Ya sure that would be fun, I will text you when i'm available" I said writing my number in her notebook

"ok well i got to get my sister from school so i will talk to you later" 

          I got into my car and drove off to the public school. Every Friday i pick up my little sister Scarrlet because my parents work late. Scarrlet is 5 with long brown hair and green eyes she is very spoiled and she loves getting new clothes. she is always happy and fun to be around ,unless you make her mad then you should run. I arrived at the school and got out of the car, she was still in kindergarten so i had to pick her up in her classroom. 

            We were holding hands walking through the hall way and Scarrlet was skipping with her little tutu skirt flipping up and she looked so cute. My parents work alot so i pretty much look after her, get her ready for school and make her dinner (only on Fridays) Every Friday we go out and do something together so today i was going to bring her to the mall to go shopping and to get her a candy apple because they are her favorite.

"so how was school?" i asked her buckling her in her booster seat in the front seat

"Good...So where are we going?" she asked looking up at me

"What makes you think that we are going somewhere?" i asked smiling

"When you pick me up we always go somewhere."

"I guess we can. I was thinking about going shopping and getting you some new clothes and some candy apples if you would like?" i said getting into my seat and putting my seat belt on

"Yes please!" She said happily 


Sorry everyone that had nothing to do with One Direction but it will happen so stay tuned!!;) Tanks!!

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