The Worst Day Of My Life

Francesca Peterson is just a normal teenage girl. With a best friend like no other, good grades and a loving family, how could life be better? But deep inside something still hurts, even though the physical pain is long gone. Will Frankie reveal all in an English essay, or will she keep quiet about the events of last year in order to try and forget?


3. Woken up.

"Frankie?!" Emily shakes me on the shoulder with a concerned look on her face.
"Erm yeah?" I reply, slightly bemused.
"Oh god phew your ok! You zoned out there for a minute"
Did i make it that obvious? "Oh right.... I'm just tired that's all" I mumble, going slightly pink.
I can't believe it. The worst day of my life? Seriously? Kill me now.
"So what are you going to write about Hun?" Emily muses, "I don't really what Kington reading about the worst day in my life- it's personal y'know?" Yeah I know....
" Yeah it is! And anyway after last year I really don't know which day to choose!" I try to say this in a cheery manner, but Emily is no fool. She can see through my fake smile and high pitched laugh. She hugs me, and then holds me at arms length.
"Frankie, your seriously ok now, you know that right? Nothing is going to go wrong anymore, you are super well and healthy!"
I know she's right. She normally is. I still have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach though.

The bell finally rings, signalling the end of first lesson. One down four to go! I grit my teeth and make my way to Spanish.
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