The Worst Day Of My Life

Francesca Peterson is just a normal teenage girl. With a best friend like no other, good grades and a loving family, how could life be better? But deep inside something still hurts, even though the physical pain is long gone. Will Frankie reveal all in an English essay, or will she keep quiet about the events of last year in order to try and forget?


6. Just a text message.


I've unpacked the car for Mum, had my tea, done my homework, and now I'm bored. I check my phone for the umpteenth time, and am greeted with a picture of my pet rabbits, and other than that an empty screen. Emily still hasn't replied- she must be having her tea.   I smile as I think about lunch-time, how Jack cared so much about my well-being, and how cute his smile is! I think I have a bit of a crush on my best boy mate. I bite my lip and decide to text him for the first time in like, forever. "Hiya :) xxxx" I type... Too needy? What have I got to loose...? I hit send.    I go and put on a baggy t-shirt and  some leggings, and when I return my phone is lit up with a message from jack! It says: "Hey ;) how's ur day been?xxxxx" He put more kisses than me! I instantly reply that I'm fine thank you and also ask him how he is.      Jack- I'm gr8 thx, so glad ur feeling better than b4! xxxxx     Me- Oh yeah thx! I'm feeling tons better now, I dunno what came over me! xxxx     Jack- Good! Maybe u were hungry? Anyway dm as long as u r ok! Wuu2? xxxxx     Me: Nm, I'm a bit bored tbh! U? xxxx     Jack: Aw,Getting ready 4 football, best go, bye :) xxxxx     I grin, and collapse back onto my bed and start singing cheesy love songs at the top of my voice. It's not until Annie walks into my room asking what on earth I am doing and "will you plat my  hair?" that I finally  stop.   
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