The Worst Day Of My Life

Francesca Peterson is just a normal teenage girl. With a best friend like no other, good grades and a loving family, how could life be better? But deep inside something still hurts, even though the physical pain is long gone. Will Frankie reveal all in an English essay, or will she keep quiet about the events of last year in order to try and forget?


5. Bad Dreams.

The bell signalling the end of lunchtime rings, and I am pulled out of my daydream by Emily, who links her arm with mine. "Your smiling!! What's going on?!" She squeals.
"Oh nothing! I'm just in a good mood!"
"Right..." She raises her eyebrow and smirks. I roll my eyes back at her, and we go to double DT.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

DT has not been interesting today. We have been doing our final evaluation and have been writing for nearly two hours. My fingers kill, I think they might fall off! Emily didn't enjoy the assessment either, "I seriously don't get why we have to do a final evaluation and say what we have done right and wrong! That's the teachers job! Not ours." She moans as we walk through footbridge. "I know right!" I agree "I have to go now!! Bye!"
"See you tomorrow." She smiles.

I turn left onto my street and carry on to my house. I unlock the door and go straight upstairs to my bedroom to listen to music. Halfway thorough my favourite song, fingerprints by Katy Perry, I remember the English homework and gasp. I had forgotten all about it but now I remember and all the horrible memories of last year come back and I feel nauseous and I cry. I lie on my bed and slowly drift to sleep, tears still streaming down my face.

It's dark. I hear heavy footed steps coming towards me and a beeping sound coming from my bedside. A baby cries down the hall. Bright light and then....

"Frankie, I'm home!" I'm woken from my nightmare, all sweaty and cold. My mascara has run and my hair is like a mane.
"Francesca are you ok?"
"Yes mum I'm fine!"
"Why didn't you answer me when I called you?"
"Sorry, I was busy!"
"Right. Come down and help me with the shopping, will you?"
I wipe my face and go downstairs to unpack the car.
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