The Worst Day Of My Life

Francesca Peterson is just a normal teenage girl. With a best friend like no other, good grades and a loving family, how could life be better? But deep inside something still hurts, even though the physical pain is long gone. Will Frankie reveal all in an English essay, or will she keep quiet about the events of last year in order to try and forget?


7. A day of films.


Yay! Today is Saturday, and myself, Emily and Jack are going to Micheal's house for a scary movie day. It's going to be great! I love scary films.  I glance at the clock, and can't believe my eyes. It's 11:07 and I am meant to be meeting Emily at the end of her road at 12. I quickly jump into the shower, blow-dry my hair,and throw on a pair of pattered leggings, a baggy top, my dock martins, and an oversized green jacket of my mums. I then apply some mascara.  I look almost presentable. Almost. My hair is a wild mess of dark curls around my face, and my flower print boots clash with the Aztec pattern on my leggings. No time to worry about that, I need to go! I run down my street and see Emily waiting for me.  "I thought we were meeting at yours?" I pant. "You were late" she winks and we walk off. How does she look so flawless, yet again? It looks like her outfit wasn't  planned, it's just been thrown together at the last minute, yet, everything coincidentally matches perfectly and looks great together. Ughhh, I wish I was like her.  When we arrive at Micheal's house, Jack answers the door. Emily sweeps past to meet Mike and they full on kiss there and then. Jack and I just stand awkwardly smiling at each other until they finally stop and we go into the living room.    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *    "Do you actually know what happened in either of those films?" I ask  Emily as we walk home. "Sure I do, franks! Errr the thin guy gets haunted by a ghost?" She blushes. "Err no. A woman gets cursed and tries to get it lifted, and in the other people just keep dying for no apparent reason!" I giggle. "Yeah... Well, it's not my fault Micheal was being... Distracting!" She sighs. "You mean snogging your face off?" I laugh. She slaps me on the arm playfully and sighs again."Well I best get home!" She smiles.  "See ya on monday, text you later!" I say."Oh and, by the way, you and jack seemed to be getting on very well today!" she whispers into my ear, leaving before I can reply.    
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