Dont Go!

2 best friends Rhianna and Emily, meet the love of their lives Niall and Louis.


1. The day we met. Niall and Rhianna's P.O.V

Rhianna's P.O.V

Me and Emily are best friends, we met up with our close friend Eleanor the other day she is friends with the famous band One Direction. Their amazing, im a massive fan and have been since i was 11, im 20 now. She said their meeting them tomorrow and that we could come along im so excited! But im trying not to show it. Emily's been a fan for ages too well a directioner which we say. I really like Niall because he has the cutest laugh ever! and his blonde hair and irish accent, Emily likes Louis which i think they would be so cute together.

The next day.

Eleanor rang me the morning and said that the boys said that it was ok if me and Emily came along is well. Were meeting them at Nando's obvisiously as it being Niall's favourite place to eat.


I met One Direction! it was the most amazing experience of my life. When we got their i spotted Niall straight away with his blonde hair, and i heard his laugh. We walked over to them, They all said hi and smiled, Eleanor introduced us to them all. Niall smiled at me, i blushed. Through the hour and a half that we were at Nando's i noticed that Niall kept looking at me. When i looked at him he turned away, after Nando's we went back to Louis and Harry's flat and had a drink. Whilst we were their we all got to know ourselfs better. I went to get a drink in the kitchen and left everyone in the other room, i then heard the door open, in walked Niall he opened the fridge to find some food. We had a conversationa nd in that conversation Niall said " you have the cutest laugh ever and the nicest eyes " i blushed and just smiled. We both went back into the other room with the others.

At the end when we went to go Niall gave me a peice of paper with his number on and said " text me. " i smiled.


Niall's P.O.V

Today me and the boys went to meet Eleanor, she brang too girls Rhianna and Emily. We went to Nando's then went back to Louis's and Harry's. I quite like Rhianna she's so pretty, she has long brown hair which she curled, she was wearing shorts, with a vest and a zipped hoodie, with a brown small sholder bag. She had the nicest eyes and the cutest laugh and smile ever! I gave her my number near the end i think i have found the one that i truly love, im not sure..

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