Sky high *Dags Love Story*

Jeremy Renner plays Dags so if your a Jeremy Renner lover read it. Anyways if you've seen sky high its like that but with my characters if you haven't its a school full of superheroes in my own version though, Shakira is hiding her powers and some people accuse her of being a human but she doesn't want to show what she really is incase she hurts someone. Will Dags help her before its to late or will the bad guy, Royal Pain, manage to destroy her and the superhero school. Sky high


1. Introduction

My names Shakira this >>> is me (copy and paste the URL please)
I'm Will Strongholds non identical twin sister
Age: 17
Eyes: Green
Hair Colour: Dark Chocolate Brown
Personality: Shy, clumsy, smart, clever and unique
Enemies: Gwen Grayson, Speed, Lash, Penny, Stitches and Damien (own character)
(You'll know who these people are later in the story)
Allies: Dags (Boy best friend) Layla Williams (best friend), Warren Peace, Ethan, Zach Braun, Will Stronghold (Brother) Magenta, Ron Wilson, The Commander (Steve/father), Jet-stream (Josie/mother), Sky High's faculty and students
Likes: Living her life, making friends, acting normal and Dags ;)
Dislikes: Fighting for no reason, villains, excessive control
Powers and abilities: Superhuman strength, flight and super speed
Fate: Becomes Dag's girlfriend, Warren's best friend and possibly the most popular student at Sky High along with her brother, will.

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