I love Albus Potter 2



1. Second year starts

I'm looking through the whole train for Albus but i cant find him. I walked all the way through the train but i still coudn't find him. I found a empty compartment at the end of the train and sat down. Had Albus forgoten about hogwarts, or even me?  He never responded to my letters this summer. We got to hogwarts and this year we go to take horseless caridges to the castle. The great hall wasn't that great with out a friend. I still only had about three friends here. Unless you count albus' friends or Rosie's. I had talked to Rosie so much this summer. She seemed to be getting my letters but Albus wasn't. We went back to our common rooms and checked our scheduals.  Then Albus showed up. "Where have you been Albus?!?!?!" I asked. " Me and my dad had to have an emergancy meeting with professer McGonagal." he replied. " Ok, but why havent you been responding to my letters all summer?!?!?!"I asked angrily. " I havent been responding? Responding to what? I never got any letters from you!!!! And you never responded to me!!!!" he yellled cauding the whole common room to stare at us. " Albus i never got any letters from you!" i told him. " But i sent you so many, Em you've got to belive me!!" "i do because i sent you alot of letters." i told him. " Well we can figure it out in any of our classes to day, we have them all together again!" he said. "Yay!" i said.

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