I love Albus Potter 1

A girl named Emma meets Harry Potters son Albus in there first year at Hogwarts. Take the journey with them through the seven years they will be together at Hogwarts.


3. Time flys

After our flying lessons, Albus and I try out for the quidditch team. Albus gets placed as seeker and I become a chaser. After our first practice we go back inside the castle for our last two classes. At the end of the day, Albus and I go to the library to finish our home work that will be due monday.

It is the day of our second quidditch match of the season. We will e facing slytherin. I herd that Scorpius is a beater on their team. During the match he hit Albus five times. Just after Albus caught the snitch, Scorpius hit him again and he fell to the ground. I was always at the infermiry whenever i could, because Albus was my best freind.

By this time my feelings for Albus were growing. It was time for christmas break, and I didn't want to go home and deal with so many muggle questions. My parents both work at the ministry of magic and the will be busy all break. They sent me a letter saying Steven and I had to stay at school over break. I gave albus the present from me as he get abord the hogwarts express to go home. I wave goodbye and go back inside. Steven and I seem to be two of five Grifindors that stayed.

I was so border so I walked out to the greenhouse to find Professer Longbottom. I know it sounds weired but I actualy wanted to talk to some one that wasn't Albus. Professer Longbottom was close freind with albus' dad and he acted like albus' uncle.

Nex thing I know school is back in full swing. At the end of the first week back I ask Albus if he wants to go out to the lake. When we sat ther at the edge of the frozen lake, I said "Albus I realy like you." " I like you to." he said. "No you dont understand, I like you as more than a friend." I said."I love you Emma." he said. " "So you do understand!" I exlamed.He blushed and then we went back inside.

Time  is flying and it is valentine's day. Albus and I walk down the hall, hand in hand, to the common room. As we sit on th couch studying I turn to face him and he looks back at me. Then it happens, my brother comes screaming down from his dorm yelling "they're gunna kiss, they're gunna kiss!" "STEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ruined every thing!!!!!!!!!!!! Again!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at him.


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