I love Albus Potter 1

A girl named Emma meets Harry Potters son Albus in there first year at Hogwarts. Take the journey with them through the seven years they will be together at Hogwarts.


5. The end of year one

We took the finals and I got all of my grades in the 90's. Albus got 80's and some 90's.

Our final quiditch game was Grifindor v.s. Slytherin. This time Albus was careful not to get hit with the bludger this time. After, we scored 200 points and Slytherin had 250 points, Albus caught the snitch.

Later in the great hall, the house points winner was anounced. "And the winner this year is...Grifindor!" Professer McGonagall anounced.

As we boarded the train I sat next to Albus and fell asleep on his shoulder. when we got off the train we stould there, and hugged each other, then I gave him a kiss on the lips and ran of to my mom." Who was that boy Emmalynn?" She asked " What happened to you calling me Emma?" I asked back."Emmalynn April Stone tell me who that boy was!" She yelled." Albus Potter,that boy was Albus Potter, my boyfriend."

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