I love Albus Potter 1

A girl named Emma meets Harry Potters son Albus in there first year at Hogwarts. Take the journey with them through the seven years they will be together at Hogwarts.


4. It finaly happens

It's the begining of spring now. Albus and I still havent kissed. As we sit under this tree, I cant hep but realize Albus is starring at me. I look over at him and we both lean in then it realy happens. We finaly kissed. It was the most amazing feeling ever. When it was over I wispered "I love you." to him. Then he gave me a big hug and I could not stop smiling.

When Steven found out what happened he said "Congrats on your first kiss little sis, hey that rhymed."  Albus told me that when James found out he started laughing. Soon enough the whole school knew including all of our professers.

At potions the professer, who just so happened to be Scorpius' mom, asked me what potion I used to make Albus fall in love with me. I told her I didn't use a potion or any spell. She said "Oh, I see you dont want him to find out." " I am truly in love with her, there was no spell or potion, get it? got it? good!!!!" He yelled at her.

Rose, Albus and I sat in the common room studying for our finals.The acual testing dosent start untill next week, but we all want to be prepared. Rose and I were geting tired so we went up stairs to our dorm.

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