I love Albus Potter 1

A girl named Emma meets Harry Potters son Albus in there first year at Hogwarts. Take the journey with them through the seven years they will be together at Hogwarts.


1. How it all began

My name is Emma Stone. I am a pureblood witch, but i live in a highly populated muggle town. This year I get to start going to hogwarts. My mother is Lavender Brown. She was in the Grifindor house. My father is Peter Stone, he was in the Hufflepuff house. I expect to be plaed in Hufflepuff.

As i run through the post at the train station, I make sure no muggles see. I finaly get to see the inside of the hogwarts express. i have seen the outside twice before because my brother Steven, is two years older than me. He is be starting his third year. He was placed in in Grifindor but i still think i will be placed in hufflepuff.

When all of the first years get of the boats from across the lake, we have to go ine up in the great hall." Rose Weasley." called the teacher. Rose, a girl with red hair as orange as an orange, sat on the stool and be for the hat was even on her haed it yelled out "Grifinndor." "Lucky" I muttered as she went and sat down at the table. About five others went then the teacher called out "Albus Potter." As soon as the name came out of her mouth iI gasped. Could he be the son Harry Potter the boy who lived?

Albus was placed in Grifindor, just as the whole school new he would be. Then the last name called was "Emmalynn Stone." As the sorting hat sat on my head it said " a great mind bothe Hufflepuff and Grifindor blood,bravery and couredge great traits, better be,...Grifindor."

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