I love Albus Potter 1

A girl named Emma meets Harry Potters son Albus in there first year at Hogwarts. Take the journey with them through the seven years they will be together at Hogwarts.


2. getting to know my class mates

The next day all of our classes began and albus was in all of mine. That Rose girl turned out to be his cousin. Her bed is right next to mine. She is in some of my classes too. Albus sat next to me in our first class,defence against the dark arts. He asked if I was Emmalynn Stone,"he must have remembered from last night" I thought. " Ya,but you can call me Emma."I responded. "Cool, i'm Albus." he said."I know." I said sofftly.

Scorpius is one of the kids in our year he is a Slytherin. He and Albus already hate each other. He is in our potions class. In potions, Albus sat next to me again, and we talk the whole class long. At the end of class Scorpius called us two love birds. that made Albus almost punch him in the face.

Later in the common room Albus and I talked about our parents and siblings. When Rose walked in She joined in on the conversation. We foun out that her dad and my mom dated in there sixth year. That made things even more acward for us then they already were.When Scorpius called Albus and I love birds, I realized I did kind of like him. I wasn't going to tell him that and I wasn't going to tell Rose either. I also relized Albus was my only friend.

At breakfast, the next morning I sat with Albus and some of his new friends. We had lots of food to eat, there were lots of different choices. Then the letters came in by owl and Albus got a letter from his parents telling him they knew he would be in Grifindor. I got a letter from my parents and they adressd it to my brother to. Oh, I almost forgot about him I guess I kind of have two friends here, in a way.

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