After Hello

Cat dreams of Just being Happy,for her to be loved.
She meets this boy she really likes,and falls deeply in love.
But when everything turns out perfect,cat finds out that her
'Prince Charming', Isn't a prince charming after all..

A Harry Styles Fanfiction. Rated 12+


2. chapter two-


  Once lunch arrives I walk in and I get in line to get my food. Once I get my food I start to head to a table but I hear one of the cheerleaders say "Hello Cat" in her snobby tone, she probably wanted to make fun of me again, I turn around "what?" I ask shyly.

Soon as I finish talking, she slams my tray on me, covering my blue long sleeve sweater in food. I gasp and my jaw drops. She begins to laugh and so does everyone else, I drop my tray and run out of the cafeteria crying and running towards my locker.

 I grab a hoodie out of my locker and run into the bathroom and jerk off my sweater leaving me in a tank top and leaving my scars visible I throw on the hoodie and I walk out holding my blue sweater in my hand and I throw it into the trash can in the hall way. I walk back to my locker and grab my things, I'm going home.. my day has been bad enough.

I Hear someone walk up to the lockers,i look over too see harry walking towards me.    ''Are you okay,i saw what happened at the cafeteria.'' he says scratching the back of his head. I look at him with red and watery eyes and I shake my head. "n-no, I'm not. I'm so done." I say quietly. ''don't say that,their idiots,just ignore them.'' he tells me. I Nod "I-I know but, I just can't take anymore of th-their crap. I just.. I don't know" I say and look away as more tears fall. He steps closer to me and lifts my chin up and wipes my tears with his thumb. ''don't let them bother you to much,that can make you do stuff that you shouldn't. just calm down,it'll be fine Cat.'

' I let more tears fall "th-they think it's a game to bully me and my arms are the score board!" I say while jerking up my sleeves not caring if anyone knew anymore "I-I hate it!" I say through tears. I Feel harry staring at my arm. He softly holds it, slowly stroking the scars on it with his finger. ''don't do this,i know its painful,but don't punish yourself,its not your fault.'' He tells me,still holding my arm. I frown "I-it's my only release. I can't do this on m-my own anymore! My parents are literally NEVER home and everyone else is bullying me!" I say still crying.  

He Hugs me. ''Im not bullying you,i can help you..don't worry'' Harry says backing away and wiping my tears once more.

I was shocked when he hugged me, "I-I don't know what to say…" I say honestly. He laughs a little and then smiles at me. ''ill help you get through this.''  I Smile back and hug him once more. ''Thanks  Harry'' i say wiping the tears of my eyes and closing my locker.

I Couldn't believe it,Harry wanted to help me.


*Hope you all enjoyed this chapter! it's kind of short,but i had to rush it because i had to go to school hahah lol love you all loads! x o *


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