After Hello

Cat dreams of Just being Happy,for her to be loved.
She meets this boy she really likes,and falls deeply in love.
But when everything turns out perfect,cat finds out that her
'Prince Charming', Isn't a prince charming after all..

A Harry Styles Fanfiction. Rated 12+


3. chapter three-


Cats P.O.V

I woke up,jerking off the covers that were on top of me off the bed,reaching for my phone on my desk,but it wasn't their.. 

i layed their for a bit,realizing what had happened yesterday,Harry's imagine flew around my mind as i though about everything,i quickly sat up,putting my robe on.

I walked out of my room,yawning loudly before walking downstairs. 

I Saw my mum,sat down in the kitchen taking a sip out of coffee as she read the newspaper. 

''Morning mum.'' i smiled,hugging her from behind. ''Morning my little kitten.'' she smiled back,kissing my forehead.                 I Was Making a cup of tea as their was a knock on the door,''Mum,can you go get that?'' i Asked,still making my tea.                 ''sure Hun.'' she says,putting her mug down and walking to the door.

I Hear her open it,She starts talking as i hear a guys voice. i continue making my tea,it's probably just the post man or something. ''Cat,theirs someone here for you love!'' My mum shouts from the door,still chit chatting to whoever it was.

me? why would someone be here for me? i peaked through the kitchen door to see my mum standing infront, i couldn't quite see who it was,all i saw was brown curls popping off the guys head- -wait. C-curls.. Harry.

Harry was at my house. i must of been dreaming,How does he know where i live? I Snapped out of my thoughts as i heard my mum shout for me again. ''Cat! Hurry up!'' she says as i hear laughing from both of them.

I Was about to go see him as i realized i was in my Pajamas and robe,MY PINK ROBE WITH PURPLE HEARTS ON IT.

 my life's a mess omfg. I Quickly took my robe off and adjusted my pajamas, i was wearing one of my brothers 'old shirts that was quite big for me,Yes i have a brother...but we will go into that later. and little pajama shorts that said 'OMG' all over them.  

I Sorted out my hair,checking if i looked alright as i looked into the coffee machine,as it had a little mirror on it, I breathed in softly and walked out of the kitchen.

I Felt myself more nervous as i got closer, i slowly stood next to my mum,smiling at her,a little signal for her to note that she could go now.

As she walked away back into the kitchen,i looked at Harry. he looked so hot omg.

I looked up at him ''Hey'' i smiled. he softly laughed. his laugh is so perfect. ''Hello their,i came here to give you this,you forgot it at School.'' He said,handing me my phone as he smiled.

I Took my phone gently out of his hands,looking up at him and smiling. ''Thanks'' i laughed. i felt a bit awkward just standing their infront of him without saying nothing. ''Who you walking to school with?'' he said, shifting his curls to one side as he shook his head to adjust them. ''Nobody,i normally just walk by myself-'' ''I Can walk with you?..well,if you want me to.'' he said smiling. ''I Would walk with you,but im not even ready!'' i laughed looking down at what i was wearing. ''I Don't mind waiting here.'' he laughed Stepping back onto the grass bit infront of my house,showing that'd he would wait their. I Smiled and nodded. ''I will be one second.'' i said closing the door and walking to the stair case. What if i took ages,Harry would have to wait outside for a long time,and he might get a cold,and it will be my fault. I walked back over to the door,Opening it  ''-d-do you want to come in for a bit,just whilst i get ready?'' i offered,stepping out of the way to let him in. He nodded,stepping in slowly. I Closed the door and walked back over to the staircase. ''Ill be one second.'' i smiled walking up.

I Made my way into my room,Rushing to the closet,seeing what i could wear. It wasn't excellent weather,so i picked out something not to Cold not to Warm, I Picked out this Grey Long Sleeve Sweatshirt with Paris Graphics and these Black double pocket zip jeans and my backpack. 

I Started brushing my hair,as i put it up in a messy bun and applied my make up,a little bit of Mascara and eye liner and a tiny bit of eye shadow,i looked pretty decent.

I looked in the mirror one last time before walking downstairs, I Looked around to find a living room with no Harry. i looked over to the kitchen,and found him sitting down on the table with my Mum and DAD.  damn it,i totally forgot my dad was here. I Walked in trying not to look to awkward. ''um-Ready Harry?'' i smiled. He Nodded and smiled back. ''Bye Mr.Smith And Mrs.Smith'' he said smiling at them and walking to me. i Walked to my mum and dad and hugged them. ''Bye'' i waved to them, walking to the corridor with Harry and slipping on my Black lace up canvas shoes as i opened the door,walking out with Harry.


*hope you guys enjoyed this,im going to start updating more trust me,haha:)enjoy!

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