After Hello

Cat dreams of Just being Happy,for her to be loved.
She meets this boy she really likes,and falls deeply in love.
But when everything turns out perfect,cat finds out that her
'Prince Charming', Isn't a prince charming after all..

A Harry Styles Fanfiction. Rated 12+


1. chapter one-

Teased, bullied, rejected. That's what I go through everyday at this hell hole called high school. Everyone hated me and I didn't know why! I wasn't ever mean to anyone nor did I ever start any drama.

The only good thing about being here 5 days a week is that I get to see Harry Styles. Of course he never noticed me but still, something about him drew me to him. He was the 'lone wolf' of our school and he liked it that way, I guess that he thought he was better than everyone else. Any ways, I was just dropped of by my bus in front of the school and I was walking towards the main entrance and someone had pushed me into the road.

I start to pick up my books when I hear screaming. I look up and I see a car coming towards me and my eyes widen. I was frozen in fear. Then just before the car comes in contact with me,I feel someone tackle me out of the way and I look up to see beautiful emerald green eyes and chocolate brown curls. "t-thanks" I say with my breath shakey and heavy.

he rolls of me and lays their, breathing heavily. ''god,you could of killed yourself if it wasn't for me.'' he say's looking over at me. he had beautiful eyes,they looked like they Shined.


 "well it doesn't exactly help that I was pushed"

''You Were pushed?''he asks. ''they could of killed you. i don't get why people think it's funny to push other people'' he said, getting up and holding his hand out to help me get up. ''im Harry''

I take his hand and stand up "thanks and I'm Cat"

''Well Cat,avoid getting pushed into the road.'' he say's,smiling weakly at me.

Aw damn,his smile was so perfect.

I return the smile, "thanks, I'll keep that in mind."

I Notice Harry Looking over to the road and picking up my books. I See that my geography book is squished,probably because the car ran over it. Harry reaches his bag and gets out a Geography book. ''Here,your books are all fine,except your geography one,use mine i only need it tommorow,so i won't need it till then.'' 

I smile shyly "thanks Harry, see you around?"

''yeah, see you around'' he smirks fixing his hair a little.

 I smile and turn to head into the building and I go to my class, I sit away from all the popular kids that always bully me. I try to focus on the lesson but my thoughts kept drifting back to Harry. 

He's so different from all the boys I've met. If you just looked at him,you'd think he's one of the cool kids that bullies everyone,but He's not. He's different.


*hope you guys enjoyed this! love you all bye x o*





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