After Hello

Cat dreams of Just being Happy,for her to be loved.
She meets this boy she really likes,and falls deeply in love.
But when everything turns out perfect,cat finds out that her
'Prince Charming', Isn't a prince charming after all..

A Harry Styles Fanfiction. Rated 12+


4. chapter four-





me and Harry started walking down the street,every two seconds our  sides would touch,from where we were walking right next to eachother,i felt butterfly's tingling in my belly every now and then,just thinking i was walking around the street with the most hottest,cutest, mysterious boys in school. damn i was a lucky girl. We were about 2 minutes away from school,i hated the feeling of being near to that prison.. Just knowing that im gonna get made fun of once more is stupid,but or some reason i feel better today, knowing i have Harry is all that matters.    See,i only met him yesterday but already it feels like ive known him all my life,except the fact i don't know anything about him apart from his name. It's just such a good feeling when im with him,it's like.. good. I Snapped out of my thoughts as i felt Harry smiling at me as we walked. ''What?'' ''oh my god do i have something on my face?'' i said,tapping all over my face with my hands to check if i had something on it. Harry Laughed. ''No,Your face is fine. I was just,casually smiling.'' I Looked down and giggled as i felt my cheeks go a bit pink from the casual staring/smiling.  I Looked back up at Harry. ''So,how did you find out where i lived?'' i asked him,changing the subject. ''I Asked your friend,what's her name-oh. Priya!'' omg. he found out about my weird awkward bestfriend. im gonna rot in hell,bet my Address isn't the only thing she's told him! ''Oh,You know priya?'' i asked,looking up at him. ''Yeah,Well- i don't know,know her. But she's in my English class,she's quite funny.'' I laughed nervously. ''Yeah,she's a little weirdo.''  Harry Smiled,making his dimples pop up. damn,he is so cute! I smiled looking down at my shoes as i saw we were at the road i nearly got run over at Yesterday. i sighed,i don't know why.. but it was making me feel scared being near this road. I Shuffled neared to harry,our sides were touching as i gulped. ''Whats wrong?'' the concern in his face said it all,he cared''N-Nothing,it's just..imagine if you hadn't been their yesterday...i would of been d-dead by now..'' i looked down,pulling my sleeves down so they covered my hands. I Felt Ha rry grab my chin gently,bringing it up so i was looking at him in the eyes.  damn,his eyes were perfect .. ''But i was their,and your fine,and that's all that matters.'' He said,making me feel much better. I Nodded and smiled,as we kept walking till we were in school. i sighed and looked at Harry as the bell ringed. ''I guess ill see you at Lunch?'' He nodded in response,smiling and walking to his class.  So their i was,feeling alrighty as i started walking to my class. It was probably the first day my teacher caught me smiling as i walked into class. it just felt so good being able to just smile and know that someone actually cares..  



I Walked into my class,as i saw Priya, waving at me really weirdly and signing for me to sit next to her. i walked over to the seat next to her,the class was packed with kids talking,eating and some even dancing. ''HEY HAZZA!'' one's ever actually called me that before. I Laugh,causing her to grin widely. ''Hello'' i smiled.  ''Did you see Cat? i haven't seen her since yesterday '' she said,buzzed and showing a little bit of concern for not knowing where her bestfriend was. ''Yeah,we walked to school together,she's fine.'' i responded,making her feel better.  ''That's good,she's in Science right now i think.'' she smiled. She looked up in the Air and did this thinking face.  ''Yep! She's in science right now! Then she's got English.'' She grinned. she knew so much about her. ''I Can't even remember half of my own classes,how the hell can you remember Hers?!'' i asked,laughing enthusiastically. ''I Don't know,i guess I've known her for so long,i remember her classes!'' shes smiles,blushing a little. I Laugh. ''Tell me more about her.'' ''Well,Her names cat,she's 17, Her parents are always working,she' has a brother named Jay which right now is in prison..she's an outgoing person but she can sometimes be really shy, and she has a  Cat named Boo and she's a Virgi-'' ''Crap. I Didn't mean to say that one..that was supposed to stay between us..'' well this was awkward, cat's bestfriend had just blurted out that she was a virgin.. Priya looked at me and frowned.. ''Please don't tell her i told you that..'' she said,looking down,feeling really guilty. I Felt bad for her. ''Dont worry,i won't even mention it! it's fine,don't worry. im sure Cat would understand anyway if she found out.'' I Reply,tapping you shoulder gently,reassuring you it was fine.   -------------------  

*hope you guys enjoyed this,it took me a while to write it!

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