Imagines ;)

Imagines for your favorite famous guys! I am currently taking requests! Just comment on my page! Taken from my quotev account...


7. Louis/Harry love triangle imagine

Your with your best friend Louis and your boyfriend Harry. "Who do you chose? We both love you and we need to know!" Louis shouts. "I need some god damned time to think! I just found out that my best friend and boyfriend want me to chose who I love more!!! If you guys keep this up, I'll choose neither of you!" You yell. "But Emma darling, you do have to choose." Harry says calmly. Suddenly you knew who to choose. It was...

Hey all!!! Sorry but I'm home sick, so I got bored. If I get at least 5 hearts, 4 followers, or plenty of requests and comments, I will finish this chapter. Sorry! I've just always wanted to do something like that! And tell me who she should choose! Harry or Louis!!!

Spencer Lynch/Payne (this guy is so funny he makes me feel a little better!)
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