Imagines ;)

Imagines for your favorite famous guys! I am currently taking requests! Just comment on my page! Taken from my quotev account...


8. Louis/Harry love triangle imagine 2/2

Installment 2-

He was the nice one. He was the kind one. He was my best friend and my soul mate. He was.... "I choose..... I choose Harry. He's the one for me. He's nice and my best friend and my soul mate. I love him and I now realize that I love Louis as a brother. I'm sorry." You say. You start bawling and when they reach for you, you run away. 'So much for my happy ending.' you think. Epilogue: they find you in the treehouse you and Harry built when you were little. You were beaten half to death. After you were admitted to the hospital they found out you cut. You got sent to rehab for a year. When you got out, Harry proposed to you and got married in Vegas. Now your expecting your first child, a girl named Darcy

Hey guys. I couldn't wait to finish this and they let us out of school early. I will be nice and put the offer of a lifetime up. I WILL WRITE A SHORT FANFICTION FOR YOU ! Any guy, any age. Just fill out the form I post. Peace!
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