Imagines ;)

Imagines for your favorite famous guys! I am currently taking requests! Just comment on my page! Taken from my quotev account...


6. Louis Tomlinson imagine

It's finally here. You wedding day. Your father takes you down the isle. You see Louis looking dapper in his tux. His jaw drops when he sees your face. The pastor says the normal stuff, but your not paying attention until it comes to the vows. "Ever since I met you Cecilia, I have been happy. You make me laugh and smile. I love you for you and only you." The pastor finishes the service with, " I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." You passionately kiss each other. Your dream has come true. You have married the love of your life

hey all! Sorry, but I got sick and have been miserable. But I'm still taking requests! I'm just reading Ross Lynch fanfictions while sneezing and coughing my brains out.
Spencer Lynch/Payne
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