Imagines ;)

Imagines for your favorite famous guys! I am currently taking requests! Just comment on my page! Taken from my quotev account...


4. Kendall Schmidt imagine


Omg! You and your BFF got tickets to go to a Big Time Rush concert! You guys get all prettied up and go to the concert. They start to sing, and the whole time, THE Kendall Schmidt can't keep his eyes off of you! After the concert, the speakers announce " Will Anna Bergstrom and y/f/n please come back stage?" You are confused! You both walk backstage and hang out with BTR. When it's time for you to go home, Kendall asks you to exchange numbers with him. Later, you get a text from Kendall asking you out! You go out for coffee the next day. Who would have thought you guys had so much in common! Later, he asks you to be his girlfriend. You happily except. You live happily ever after. The end!

P.S. Request! I am reading other stories on Wattpad, Quotev and here too, but I'll try to work on them asap!
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