Imagines ;)

Imagines for your favorite famous guys! I am currently taking requests! Just comment on my page! Taken from my quotev account...


2. Justin Bieber imagine


Its been a year now. A year since you met the love of your life, your boyfriend, Justin Bieber. He was taking you out for a surprise anniversary date. "Seazen? We're here." He says. He had blindfolded you and drove you someplace. He takes off he blindfold. "Seazen. I have loved you from the moment we met. I want to love you forever and ever. Seazen-James Hughes, will you make me the happiest man on earth and do me the honor of marrying me?" You cry and say yes. You guy get married and have three beautiful children.

Hey! Hope you guys liked it! Shout out to for asking! Ask me on my page for an imagine and read some of my other stories! Xoxo, Spencer Lynch-Payne ;)
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